How You Can go From an Employee to a Property Mogul

Did you know you can earn passive income through property while still being an employee & actively working in your job or business? 

Are you…

  • Tired of relying only on your boss/customers to pay your income?
  • Tired of the bank giving you less than inflation rate for your money?
  • Should the market fail, do you have a plan B?
  • Don’t know how to leverage property in a safe way?
  • Worried about the time you would lose managing tenants issues?
  • Don’t know where to find rental properties with monthly profit?

Fill in the form and have a dedicated member from M5 Property Addicts contact you directly. Start your journey from employee to property mogul today. Fill in the form now. 


What do you get?

  • Get 15% targeted returns.
  • Get paid monthly
  • Build passive income 

Taurai Jack and Retha van Rooyen were two worlds apart with a vast difference in background and upbringing, but their paths led them to the same middle-class trap and has now put them on the same journey into the future. They came together from being everyday employees to becoming property moguls. 

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