SA Investors Win Big With USA Medical Real Estate

It’s not always bad news for embattled SA investors. A group of local investors have been successfully investing in the health care niche in the USA.

Tips For First-Time Buyers

Purchasing a property is a major commitment that should be carefully evaluated regarding your life plans & financial situation both currently & in the future.

Supplementary Budget Speech – Key Takeaways

Infrastructure development, including public-private partnerships, a key component in the Supplementary Budget Speech.

Charity Brings Meaning To Rental Transactions

In the case of many fundraising platforms, companies become commercially successful before giving back, but in the case of GivenGain, it’s the other way around.


Brenda Matyolo Joins PayProp Board in SA

“We are proud to have Brenda on board and excited to put her tremendous knowledge and experience of the South African market to work, to maintain and grow our market leadership.”

What Rate Cut Means For Real Estate

These are unprecedented and uncertain times and we need as much support from the Reserve Bank as possible to boost confidence to invest in the property market & economy as we emerge from the Lockdown.

New Property Sector Council Formed

A new representative council has been formed to provide a single voice for property practitioners to speak with authority on issues connected with the property industry.

Passing of Marc Wainer is a loss to the property sector

The legendary founder and pioneering property investor and developer Marc Wainer had retired from the company at the end of August 2019.

Rate Cut Applauded for Economy & Property Sector

This rate cut takes the interest rate to a new historic low. Together with the previous cut, this is vital for when the country comes out of the COVID-19 Lockdown & the recovery starts.

Room for Further Interest Rate Cut

“As the Deeds Office is currently closed, transactions underway can still be at least partially processed online, ready to be concluded once the lockdown is lifted.”

LOCKDOWN – Effects on Real Estate & the Economy

This lockdown will bring the economy to a standstill if businesses fail to get creative with their offerings & their operations in order to remain productive within this situation.

Rate Cut – Stimulus for Economy & Property

The decision by the MPC to cut the repo rate by 100 basis points is a welcome stimulus for the economy & property market.