money habits for children

5 Tips to Help Your Children Develop Money Habits That will set Them up for Life

“Good manners will open doors that the best education cannot but good money habits will give your children the knowledge they need to build wealth,” says Colin Long, Director of the Consolidated Group.

cryptocurrencies & digital assets

Institutional Investors are Increasingly Focusing on Cryptocurrencies and Digital Assets

A new survey of institutional investors & wealth managers reveals that 82% expect to increase their exposure to cryptocurrencies & digital assets.

Community Housing Schemes

Community Housing Schemes Must Urgently Appoint Information Officers

With POPIA officially in effect this week (1 July), community housing schemes which have not yet done so, urgently need to appoint their official Information Officers and ensure that they are registered with the Information Regulator.

start your own business

Want to Start Your own Business? Beware the Risk When Purchasing Property

While it is common to purchase property in your own name or with your spouse, it may be at risk when you decide to start your own business, says Tiaan Pretorius, manager for Seeff Centurion.


inflection point

South Africa Reaches Inflection Point as Unrest Continues

While South Africa navigates its way out of the pandemic coronavirus, fighting the more than 15 000 daily infections recorded in a day, it finds itself in what John Loos refers to as an inflection point where grumpy citizens out of hunger and minimal to no employment opportunities vent their frustrations about governance in the country.

hybrid work

IWG Plc. Accelerates Global Franchise Rollout as Demand for Hybrid Work Increases

IWG Plc. has more than tripled the number of new franchised centres around the world as demand for hybrid work increases.

estate agents

REBOSA Urges Agents to Follow Workplace Readiness Guidelines as Third Wave Strikes

As South Africa battles its third wave of mass Covid-19 infections, the Real Estate Business Owners of South Africa (REBOSA) is appealing to agents around the country to reinforce their health and safety measures.


Nedbank Portfolio Disposal – Properties for Sale

Nedbank Corporate Real Estate has announced a strategic decision to dispose of a top-rated portfolio, creating a rare opportunity for investors to purchase properties in desirable areas with strong lease covenants by a blue-chip tenant. 


property investment just right

Find the Property Investment Just Right for You | Paul Stevens, CEO at Just Property

Read about Just Property CEO, Paul Stevens, market predictions and advice on where to look for the investment property #JustRight for you. 

From Everyday Employees to Property Moguls | M5 Property Addicts

Taurai Jack and Retha van Rooyen were two worlds apart with a vast difference in background and upbringing, but their paths led them to the same middle-class trap and has now put them on the same journey into the future.

Section 12J Specialists | Flyt Property Investment

SARS is giving investors a window of opportunity until 30 June 2021 to write off R2,5 million in taxable income (or R5 million in taxable income if you are a company) in the 2022 tax year on Flyt’s 12J partnership fund.

SA’s Biggest Provider of Real Estate Management Solutions | MRI Software

From a small local software company to SA’s biggest provider of real estate management solutions, MRI’s global reach and innovative approach is supporting the region’s property management and real estate businesses to evolve and embrace digital technologies.