Why 2020 Does Not Compare to the 2008 Housing Market Crash

Unprecedently, the market has bounced back and has shown very few similarities to that of the crash twelve years ago.

Expert Tips to Get Your Rental Deposit Back

Many tenants are unaware that interest on their security deposit is due to them, and that the landlord or agent is obliged by law to hold their deposit in a separate interest-bearing trust account.

South Africa is The 4th Most Affordable Country to Buy a House In…

South Africa is the fourth most affordable country to purchase a house in. How does the affordability of housing differ around the world?

Top Five Tips For Investing In Property

The five best tips as well as mistakes to avoid when investing in your first property.


What the Steady Repo Rate Means for Buyers & Sellers

Repo Rate unchanged – reminding buyers to make the most of the lending rate

Interest Rate Disappoints

The decision by the South African Reserve Bank (SARB) to retain the repo rate at 3.5% (home loan base rate at 7%) is disappointing and out of step with the economy, says Samuel Seeff, chairman of the Seeff Property Group.

Economists Divided: Should the SARB Cut the Repo Rate?

57% of economists on Finder’s panel think the repo rate should hold and 43% are in favour of a rate cut.

SAIBPP | Open Letter to Ramaphosa Following Mooikloof Announcement 

SAIBPP, South African Institute of Black Property Practitioners, notes with concern the announcement made by President Cyril Ramaphosa on the launch of the Mooikloof MegaCity Development. 


Kim Faclier | Challenging The Status Quo

Kim has an unquenchable thirst for expansive networking across a global landscape, vigorously interacting with a diverse range of people and leaning into her exceptional role models.

SA’s Development Maestro Steps onto the Global Stage

Rabie Property Group, now indisputably one of South Africa’s most successful independent property development companies.

Wayne Van der Vent & Karen Miller

This month’s Master Investors, Karen Miller & Wayne van der Vent from Quoin Online, discuss virtual property transactions & offer innovative solutions for commercial investors with their accessible property portal.