Real Estate Masters Summit

The Real Estate Masters Summit 2021: Strategies to Predictably, Reliably Grow Your Real Estate Business

We all know someone in our immediate circle whose life has changed because of real estate investing.  They might have been living paycheck to paycheck, but over time, they were able to amass great amounts of wealth – and more importantly – get rid of their student loans, pay off their homes, and create a legacy for their children and grandchildren. If you attend the Real Estate Masters Summit, you could also be one of those people. 

How did they do it? 

The Real Estate Masters Summit (REMS) 2021 is a free, 7-day event, packed with knowledge bombs that are sure to invigorate any real estate business owner, whether they’re just starting out in this industry or already have a sizable business they’re looking to grow. In the duration of these power-packed seven days, attendees will learn about wide-ranging topics from 42 speakers and 4 hosts.

 Marketing and Growing Your Business 

A business owner may be incredibly hardworking and have a great network and yet hit a plateau in their business, or never get it off the ground in the first place. What every business needs is customers.  

REMS has a star-studded lineup of speakers addressing this topic. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel when seasoned experts share their strategies that have stood the test of time.  

  • How the Power of Story Can Grow Your Business by Don Miller 
  • Predictably Grow Your Business by Getting on Top of Google Searches! by Kris Reid 

 Maximize Profits, Protect Your Assets 

The language of “legalese” can be really hard to decipher, and there’s a lot of it in the real estate world. Again, REMS has a great lineup of speakers – attorneys and seasoned investors who will decode everything you need to know to maximize your profits as well as protect your assets. Topics include: 

  • The Simplified Guide to Protecting Your Assets by Kevin L Day 
  • Maximize Tax Savings with Cost Segregations by Yonah Weiss 

Get inspired and Find Your Niche 

Real estate is a vast and ever-expanding industry. There are many ways of entering the market or expanding on an investment portfolio. Many REMS speakers will talk about their own journey of starting from very early to very late in life and amassing massive amounts of wealth with their off-the-beaten-path strategies. Some keynote speeches include: 

  • 10 Hacks to Land Your First Multifamily Deal by Anette Talie 
  • Invest as a Beginner While Holding a W2 Job by Guido Nunez 

A Recession-Proof Mindset 

This past year has been challenging, to say the least, but there are plenty of people who made the right moves and have incurred great profits from the situation. There are no guarantees in life, but it’s still safe to assume the market will crash again in the future.   

How do you have peace of mind about maintaining a consistent cash flow no matter what’s going on economically? How do you bolster your own assets and provide for yourself and your family? Speakers who have faced market crashes in the past are also going to speak at REMS, covering these topics. 

REMS a promising and highly anticipated event that could potentially be life-changing for attendees. It’s a wonder that it’s completely free of charge to sign up for. 

Of course, as with any such event, the rewards will be proportional to the input. So, if you are ready to set the week aside, truly engage with each talk, take notes, and implement the bite-sized steps and strategies, you will come out of it a changed person with a new life path and get on your way to creating a legacy.  

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