rental market in 2020

Rental Market in 2020 | PayProp Rental Index Report

2020 – A year in lockdown for the rental market in 2020

Last year was challenging for individuals, households and industries. Due to lockdown, parents had to cope with home-schooling children while also adapting to working from home. Students had to switch to online learning and living at home again. Businesses suffered financial losses and some had to permanently close their doors. 

This issue by PayProp will focus on the effects of lockdown on the rental market in 2020. Like many other industries, residential rentals were negatively affected by the economic consequences of lockdown. See how the rent, arrears and financial metrics were affected on page 9. 

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Even amid so much uncertainty, agents rose to the challenge, finding new ways to run their businesses and continue serving clients. Read more on page 46.