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These days it seems as though every financial news channel that you open is talking about Section 12J investing. This means investors are finally realising the benefits of the tax incentive that was introduced back in 2009 by SARS and the South African Treasury.


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SARS is giving investors a window of opportunity until 30 June 2021 to write off R2,5 million in taxable income (or R5 million in taxable income if you are a company) in the 2022 tax year on Flyt’s 12J partnership fund. You will either get a full tax refund or avoid paying tax in the future provided you have paid tax on the income and have yet to earn the income.

Flyt, who are featured on Real Estate Investor’s cover story in May, have already sold out on a bunch of 12J investment opportunities in their fund on several residential projects. The good news is they have 3 new development projects available for investors.

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