Mauritius: A Prime Destination for Long-Lasting Investments

We have heard so many stories and testimonies about the breathtaking beaches, the turquoise waters and the ever so famous Mauritian hospitality. But the island is so much more than a beautiful destination worthy of a postcard. In fact, Mauritius is home to many advantages such as attractive investment opportunities for foreigners. With carefully crafted schemes and a safe and steady environment, Mauritius is one of the favourite destinations to work, live or retire for foreigners.  

Opening doors for South Africans 

With only 4 hours of flight separating Mauritius from South Africa, the island’s geographical position facilitates the property-owning process and business management for foreigners, and its financial openness with Asia, Australia and Africa gives it a pro-investment climate. 

To stay in the spirit of easing foreign investors’ lives, the island’s government has worked on schemes in order to provide a wider range of opportunities to foreigners wishing to invest in properties in Mauritius. Thanks to the PDS scheme, South Africans can invest in residences, which come with exclusive integrated services and amenities. As a buyer, you and your family can then be entitled with an official resident status for properties of over $375,000, with the possibility to apply for full citizenship later on. In order to help with the financial aspect of property acquisition, the partnership of Mauritian local banks come into play, allowing South Africans to submit their application for mortgage loans with preferential interest rates and the guarantee that they can finance a minimum of 30 % of the projects’ purchase price.  

As an investor, you don’t only have the joy of being a luxury property owner, but you also benefit from a low tax jurisdiction and, with Mauritius’ SADC property allowance, you can externalise your Rands without it having any incidence on your offshore allowance. This leads South Africans to invest in a strong-growing property market for long-lasting investments.  

For professionals or retirees, Mauritius has now set in place a long-stay renewable visa for foreigners, allowing them to work remotely or rest in a safe setting. This visa also permits you to apply for an Occupational Permit or Residence Permit if you wish to invest in Mauritius. 

The Nest – An exclusive property to invest in 

If you are looking for a unique property with high-class features to invest in, we found the real gem for you! Nestled in the buzzing location of Grand Bay in the North of Mauritius, The Nest consists of 12 apartments and 3 penthouses strategically designed to provide an authentic Mauritian living experience and benefits from the facilities of the region. The property comes with exclusive features that not only add value to the project, but also offers a prime lifestyle. From the orchard, the lush vast garden, the bio garden where you can pick your fruits and vegetables, the overflowing pool and much more, The Nest is the property you need to revamp your daily life.  

Step in your apartment and enjoy the spaciousness and openness of each room. With broad terraces accessible by bay windows, an open Italian kitchen and high ceilings, the complex was thoughtfully conceived to provide a high-quality of life. 

Ready to make the great leap and invest in a property in Mauritius’ safe and dreamy setting? Learn more about The Nest property by clicking here.