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Flow Launches Marketing Platform to Democratise Online Property Sales

Flow, which raised R20m in SA’s largest seed investment for the new proptech industry in 2019, launches innovative digital marketing platform which democratises lead generation and gives agents their power back.

Flow is a South African proptech start up, which made headlines for receiving the biggest proptech seed investment in the country – with an impressive R20million. With Kalon Venture Partners as the lead investor of R10million. While the financial success of Flow is impressive, it shouldn’t overshadow their strides in the property technology sector.

Flow Co-Founders Gil Sperling and Daniel Levy, have developed FlowFuel, which automatically creates adverts on social platforms, marketing estate agencies and landlords to generate leads. While these channels have already been used within property marketing, seemingly small improvements can change the face of digital marketing for real estate.

“Innovation is not revolution, but the former can fuel the latter. Sometimes, it’s not a question of reinventing the wheel – but adding the rubber tyre certainly made life more comfortable,” says Gil Sperling, Co-CEO & Co-Founder of Flow.

 “FlowFuel is all about unlocking value and putting control of online listings back in the hands of agents. It’s a seemingly-small change that will have a seismic impact on an industry begging to be taken into the real digital world,” says Sperling.

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He adds: “There are examples everywhere of how small tweaks have revolutionised industries – and using Performance Marketing, giving South Africa’s estate agents the opportunity to take control of their marketing budgets on digital listing portals and own the information they glean from these portals – are two changes that are going to shake the property industry to its core. Proptech is here to democratise online property sales.”

“Performance Marketing systems like FlowFuel put the right properties in front of the right people on the social media platforms they interact with regularly, while interactive video tours are helping people safely visit properties – even on the other side of the world. One day soon, blockchain technology will exponentially speed up the paper-driven process of buying a home or getting vetted for rental credit.”

FlowFuel operates with three principles which are set to change the face of the South African property industry – its own ‘no late fees’. These changes are possible now because tech enables this and it allows companies to better serve and innovate, rather than revolutionise:

  • Portal exclusivity & brand building
  • Lead data remains the agency’s
  • Segmenting what matters

FlowFuel is democratising lead generation processes and helping agents take ownership of their marketing spend, as well as building their brands in the digital space.

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