Cape Town welcomes the launch of affordable housing development

REI attended the Golden Grove SOD Turning event on Thursday, 17 September 2020, which saw Amdec, property development, investment and project management group, announce the development of a R500 million affordable housing estate in Ottery, Cape Town. 

As it stands, there is a backlog of provision for affordable housing for lower-income earners. Although estimates concerning the size of the backlog may vary, it is likely that more than 2 million homes are needed nationally, half a million which are within the Western Cape, and in excess of 300 000 in the City of Cape Town.

This, coupled with the fact that government cannot meet the growing demand, means that the private sector needs to be playing their part too.

Executive Mayor of Cape Town, Alderman Dan Plato, welcomes businesses to invest in housing developments catering to this sector.

“As the demand for housing in South Africa continues to grow, and our capacity to deliver housing is simply not able to meet that demand, I am pleased to see the private sector playing their part and developing attractive affordable housing sites that also include a wide variety of attractive recreational spaces. I look forward to seeing the first of the 1 000 families move into their new homes in the near future,” said Executive Mayor of Cape Town, Alderman Dan Plato.

Everyone may have the right to housing, but not everyone can afford it.

CEO of Amdec Group, James Wilson, spoke about housing while referencing the Bill of Rights – specifically section 25 and 26.

Section 26 in The Bill of Rights highlights the right to adequate housing.
Wilson went on to explain that if everyone had adequate housing, debates concerning the expropriation of property (Section 25), would not be an issue.
He also suggested that it was up to people and businesses within the private sector (the haves), to bridge the gap between the haves and the have nots.

Golden Grove Estate will be developed on an 11-hectare site formerly known as Golden Grove Poultry Farm, situated on the corner of De Wet Road and Elm Street in Ottery. It will offer 1 000 affordable residential apartments – 1-bed units at 24 m2, 2-bed units at 36m2, and 3-bed units at 54m2 – on a rental basis.  They are targeted at households with an employment history and a joint household income not exceeding R22,000 per month.  The rental cost will not exceed 30% of the tenant’s household income.  

Wilson also emphasised the need for building sustainable communities. As such, Golden Grove Estate will include a convenience retail centre and onsite laundry; communal gardens and children’s playground; crèche, daycare and after-care / supervised homework facilities; an onsite furniture workshop so that residents can build and/or assemble their own flat-pack furniture onsite; 5-a-side soccer pitches and basketball courts, and a communal recreational clubhouse for all the residents. 

Still a long way to go

“We recognise that we cannot resolve all of our country’s economic inequalities, but we can work alongside local government and support their key strategic objectives, by introducing affordable housing developments and innovative self-build solutions to a market that is woefully under-supplied,” he concluded.