How semigration is fuelling the rise of hybrid office models

The Future of The Office – How Semigration is Fuelling the Rise of Hybrid Office Models

Businesses across the world are currently engaging in the largest remote work experiment to date. Over the last year, entrepreneurs and business owners have been forced to reassess the way they carry out their everyday operations, and many have realised the massive opportunity that virtual and flexible solutions present.

With the extreme success that remote working saw last year; one question is constantly looming – ‘What does the future of the office look like?’ 

Across the world right now, people are moving out of densely populated major cities in favour of either working from home or finding alternative office space outside of central business districts. This semigration is further fuelling the new hybrid and flexible workspace revolution.

This has accelerated a new opportunity for investment as the flexible office franchise ventures are proving to be sustainable, regardless of the economic conditions. 

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