Why corporate companies are moving into….

As the global property sector is evolving, so is the world of office premises. More and more companies, small businesses and corporations alike, are leaning towards the direction of flexible workspaces. Over the past few years, the global co-working industry has shown signs of growth. Growth signalled by the opening of new office spaces.

Data released during last year’s one of the largest co-working events Global Co-working Unconference Conference (GCUC) in Denver, showed the world currently accounts for 35 000 shared office centres, accommodating many thousands of companies.
The future looks bright, too: information presented at the GCUC suggests that two-thirds of all shared workspace centres worldwide saw their tenant base increase last year, with a third of them expanding in terms of surface area.

Reducing costs

The co-working spaces market in South Africa is in the same level as that of the globe. More and more corporates, local and international ventures are acknowledging the practical and financial advantages of operating from shared business premises.
“Large businesses, like any other business, are looking at ways to cut costs and lessen the pressure on their balance sheets. The easiest way to do that is by changing where and how you operate,” He said.
According to Seinker, sharing business premises with others is more affordable than renting your own office and having to take care of and pay for all amenities on your own.

Lease flexibility

Linked to this, there is a growing demand for flexibility in terms of leases. Few businesses, corporates included, will sign leases of five years or longer. Smaller companies can lease space for a period of three-months and up.Over and above cost-efficiency and flexibility, the ease of moving in and getting started is a major drawcard.

Fostering innovation

The overall people-centricity and the fact that shared business premises foster collaboration and innovation is another major driver of the corporate uptake.“Coworking spaces are so much more than just a place where you run your business from. Most of these set-ups are communities that promote collaboration,” said Seinker.

The exchange of services and skills amongst tenants is a huge priority at The Business Exchange, Seinker adds.
“at The Business Exchange monthly Deep Diver series aims to help businesses with various dilemmas and challenges that they may face, and also have a mobile app, a solution that allows the tenants to promote their services and products across all the company’s branches, whilst getting a chance to request certain services from fellow tenants,” He said.

SOURCE The Business Exchange