WealthTrek – Investing in UK Property with Sean Thomson

WealthTrek is a financial education company specialising in practical, hands-on vocational courses and mentoring programs to help South Africans move money offshore and invest in UK property.

WealthTrek educates students to determine, and follow, an investment strategy suited to their personal goals, which empowers them to make informed decisions on property investment opportunities.

Our mantra is “with the right knowledge, information and team support, anyone can replicate the process to independently purchase investment properties.”

We introduce investors to a wide variety of independent and trusted UK partners, which students engage directly throughout the property investment process. Our partners include sourcing agents, finance brokers, solicitors, project managers on refurbishments, letting agents, and sales agents.

A unique, and critical component of our programme is access to sourcing agents who continually source below-market value properties requiring refurbishment. Investors can then force appreciation through refurbishment, allowing them to refinance the asset at true market value in order to create instant equity and positive cash flow. This Buy-Refurbish-Refinance model allows investors to build their portfolio through recycling of investment funds.

WealthTrek does not sell properties to students. We do not undertake refurbishments of property on behalf of our students. We do not manage or sell property, we believe this to be a conflict of interest. 

We provide the education required for investors to make empowered decisions, as well as a lifelong support service to guide and advise investors on their journey.

WealthTrek is the brain-child of founder member Sean Thomson, whose programme “Investing in UK Property with Sean Thomson“ teaches South African citizens how to stop their wealth being eroded, by harnessing the ability to buy property in the UK.

Sean is an experienced and active property investor who’s invested in Burnley, Liverpool, London and Wales over the past 15 years, using a variety of strategies including Buy-To-Let, Flipping, Social Housing and Lease Options. Sean is currently focussing on Commercial and Development strategies in south Wales.

Since 2007 Sean has taught and mentored more than 7000 property investors specifically on UK property investment strategies, and is regularly invited to speak across mainland Europe, and in Australia. He is closely aligned with some of the world’s leading entrepreneurs and organisations, such as Robert Kiyosaki, The Asset Academy, Robbie Fowler and Martin Roberts.

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