How to find your perfect family-friendly rental property

How to find your perfect family-friendly rental property

Looking for the perfect rental property can seem intimidating initially. Price, size, security, location, amenities and access routes are just some of the variables for a tenant to consider. Luckily, by enlisting the services of a professional letting agent and following these handy tips, you can eliminate much of the concern around finding the best property for you to rent.

Mike Greeff, CEO of Greeff Christie’s International Real Estate, says, “Before you start the search, you should have a clear idea of what type of home you are looking for, what amenities you require and a maximum budget that you are willing to pay. A letting agent will then be able to give you options to choose from. Your agent understands the letting prices in the area and will be able to give you advice on amenities in the area ranging from schools to restaurants.”

Property type and size

Mark Burt, Rentals Manager at Greeff Christie’s International Real Estate, agrees, “Families are looking first and foremost, for property that offers value for money in terms of general size and numbers of bedrooms to accommodate specific housing requirements. Another important consideration is proximity to schools. Security and off-street parking are also major considerations. Understandably, applicants are looking for small to medium sized properties which are easy to maintain. This is partially due to the costs related to the upkeep of larger properties. We have not experienced a specific area or price point that is common to a segment of the market as the type of property largely depends on the renter’s affordability and needs. We do however find that generally there is good value for money to be found in the suburbs.”

Safety and security

This is one of the most important deciding factors in the minds of parents with young children. Is the area safe? A good tip would be to speak to some of the residents as well as the local police who would be able to advise you on any criminal activity in the area. When looking at potential homes to rent it is advisable to check if the streets are well lit. One should also check the perimeter of the home for potential weak security areas, like overhanging trees or untrimmed bushes that could provide access or a hiding spot for would-be criminals.


A wealth of amenities is always a bonus. Education, recreation, health, shopping and dining should be within proximity of your new home. Having all of the aforementioned amenities would be an outstanding find. Most tenants tend to prioritise their needs based on their lifestyle and what is important to them. Families tend to look at school related and kid-focused amenities as well as access to 24-hour healthcare facilities.

Finding the perfect rental home need not be an overly strenuous exercise. Enlist a reputable agent, do your homework before starting your journey, have a clear understanding on your absolute needs are and be realistic about what you can afford. Also confirm what monies will need to be paid upfront like deposit, rent etc. This should make the process much simpler and virtually stress free.

Source: HWB Communications 




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