Top four online property courses

Top four online property courses

The property sector is a complex industry, with the legislature and technological advances constantly developing and impacting the sector. 

A range of online property courses available in South Africa allows you to stay on top of your investment and property game. Educating users on how to make the most out of an investment and provide in-depth answers to understanding the foundations of the sector. 


In this edition, we have unpacked four property courses available to complete from the comfort of your home and at your own pace.  

1.Property Development and Investment online short course  

Institution: GetSmarter  

Cost: R15900 


Course information:  

Catering to beginners, the course will equip learners with the skills required to expand their asset portfolio in order to become a profitable property developer or investment mogul. It further provides a range of modules from a foundation on property law, understanding investment opportunities to property management. The course is guided by a range of industry experts as such Professor Francois Viruly, Property Economist and Associate Professor, aiming to empower learners to become property entrepreneurs. Completed over eight weeks, the course requires seven to 10 hours of work a week and is taught in English.  

The course is backed by a renowned educational institution, the University of Cape Town. This course covers various sectors of property from commercial to corporate property management. Upon completion, learners will receive a certificate accredited by the University of Cape Town and GetSmarter 



2.Property Valuation course  

Institution: Prop Academy 

Cost: R 1990 


Course information:  

The property valuation short course provides in-depth and a comprehensive understanding of how to analyse the market, determine property values, create a professional valuation report and how to prepare for valuation.  

With a practical approach, the course aims to enable learners to develop in-field knowledge of the processes involved in property valuation. All learning material is provided along with videos, face-to-face events and interactive webinars. Covering a range of different property sectors from residential, commercial to retail office – the course aims to provide an understanding property valuation process in each of these.  

The Property Valuation course carried 36 SAQA (South African Qualification Authority) credits and allows learners to provide valuations for any type of property. A property practitioner who has been certificated against or exempt from NQF Level 4 can receive 36 SAQA credits, which can be used towards another full qualification, such as the NQF Level 5 Real Estate. Learners who do not have this certification will receive a PropAcademy Certificate of completion.  


3.Property Pro: Beginners  

Institution: Wealth Creators University  

Cost: R2 250  


Course information:  

As a beginner’s course, learners are taught the fundamental principles of property investments. The course is taught via a six-hour audio programme that provides a basic understanding of property investment and how to utilise the concept to generate wealth. Learners will uncover the seven secret laws of a successful property investor, how to identify types of property investment, principles of cash flow, basics of financial bond calculations among a range of other sections.  

As a self-study course, the Property Pro: Beginners programme includes the Property Pro Beginners manual, which can be referred to while undergoing the course. The key principles of property investment are taught within this course, enabling those without any knowledge of property or investment to begin their journey.  



 4. Purchase and sale competency Masterclass (EDITOR’S TOP PICK)

Institution: The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) 

Cost: 60 GPB (R 1 056.30) 


Course information:  

This course enables surveyors to understand relevant types of experience for demonstrating sales and purchase competence along with unpacking the appropriate levels in submissions and assessments. The course appeals to surveyors who are wanting to understand the processes involved in purchase and sale competency of property. The course includes training that has practical tasks and examples in an effort to engage with the learner. As online training, the course will allow learners to pose questions at the end of a session in order to address their concerns and expand on the lessons. The training is led by an experienced chairman and assessor and covers all the necessary sections when considering purchasing or buying a property.  








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