Services you need when selling or buying a home

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For anyone involved in a property purchase there are obvious service providers you will require, like an estate agent, a lawyer, a bond provider and a removal company.

Gumtree’s Estelle Nagel says there’s a long list of other ‘hidden’ services that you should budget for and source in advance: “The process is complicated and full of pitfalls if you don’t prepare properly and get competitive quotes. You can end up in limbo, without a place to move into, or there can be big occupational rent costs for delays, or you can take financial strain from unexpected expenses.”

Nagel says all parts of the equation – the property you’re leaving, the moving process, and the property you’re moving into – require proper consideration and research.

One strong piece of advice that Nagel gives is to tackle all the major issues on your new property before you move in: “Structure the time in advance and, while the house is empty, efficiently deal with all the major disruptive activities, rather than attempting to live amidst chaos.”

Nagels’ list of the ‘hidden’ property moving services includes:

Selling your unwanted stuff. You can do it yourself on Gumtree, have a garage sale or use a one-stop solution (like who will clear out everything in a single stroke for a commission

Deed of sale certification. There are companies that will, at a price, look after all the necessary certifications in one go. Or you can get your own

Electrician (pay attention to the electric fence if you have one)

Gas specialist (if applicable)

Fumigator (dung beetles etc).

Damp specialists. You may need to get rising damp seen to before you leave or before you move in.

Roofs & gutters. Don’t wait for the belting rains to show you where the problems are in your new home, get a roofer in to check things out.

An all-around handyman. You can go the DIY approach but it’s usually more effective to get a small builder or a versatile handyman into your empty new home for a couple of days to knock off a well-prepared list of essential tasks.

Storage. This is now a very competitive business. Don’t just accept your removal company’s quote if you need storage, you may be better off using a different space.

Steam cleaning. Important for curtains and furniture.

Technicians. To sort wi-fi & DSTV installations.

Flooring Specialists. If you think the wooden floors need treating, then do it before you move in because it becomes a massively disruptive process later on.

Alarm Specialists. To test or upgrade security systems.

Garden services. Before you move in, get trees & bushes trimmed and all the waste disposed of.

Pool fencing. If you have a young toddler, it’s absolutely essential to put a child-proof fence around the pool or any ponds before you take occupation.

Pet-proofing. If you have a pet, the new property might need more secure fencing or cat flaps installed.




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