How to Identify your Reliable Guides and True Trendsetters in the Property Industry

In any industry there are trendsetters and then there are followers.  

Property is wonderful investment asset class and it is worth spending your time to find reliable guides in organisations and teams, that are able to stay ahead of current trends in the industry, offer current, proven and established investment opportunities, whilst providing the value-added services that ensure your investments produces sustainable, abovemarket related returns 

Time is needed to establish such trusting relationship. 

The trendsetters in the property industry can be identified by establishing if they:   

  • IDENTIFY THE NEEDS IN THE INDUSTRY IN ADVANCEDo they have an insight into the future of the property industry, establishing the future needs, preparing and creating solutions to address those needs? Look into the management team and history to determine if they were involved in the previous trendsetting activity.
  • CREATE SUSTAINABLE, LASTING SOLUTIONS:  Are the solutions that they create a sustainable win-win for most stakeholders or only a selected few? Any lasting solution needs to have measurable impact to be sustainable. Organisational vision and mission statements will provide you with an insight into why they are in business, but always measure if their actions and results reflect these. Ask for testimonies and referrals for assessmentGreeddriven solutions are not sustainable in the longrun.       
  • HAVE AN EXPONENTIAL AND HOLISTIC APPROACH: Does the organisation provide a platform and opportunities for current role players in the industry to participate and increase their effectiveness, instead of having a lone ranger approach? Lean decision-making teams will continue setting the trend should there be new emerging needs and can move quickly to address that need.
  • ADAPT TO THE CHALLENGES THAT COME WITH TRENDSETTING: Many people have new trendsetting ideas but as soon as the first hurdle is met, they give upIf the visionmission and massive transformative purpose is not true to their heart it may not last. Thus, a good question should always be what difficulty have you experienced to date to provide these solutions? Find out the story behind the story and it will guide you to why they are in business! 
  • EXAMPLES OF TRANSACTIONS THAT WERE A FAILURE AND HOW DID THEY MANAGE IT? Always ask about the challenging transactions, practical examples and how it was managed, what solutions were found or what the outcome was. That will provide you with some insight of how your matters will be managed if it becomes a challenge. If they had no challenges to date, run, because yours may just be first challenging one and you do not know how they will deal with those difficulties. 

The Property Assist team members have been trendsetters in the property industry for more than 25 years We focus to continually identify new needs in the property industry and turn those opportunities into solutions, within in the lifetime of those opportunities, for all property stakeholders including investors.  

Find out more out the latest property investment trends by visiting and the unique property investment opportunities, or email to for one of our Property Investment Originators to get in touch with you.  

 Source: Property Assist 




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