Can anyone become a property investor and make an impact whilst achieving their investment goals? 

Who can become a property investor? 

There are many who want to become property investors but are unsure about the process. 

You can be assisted to enter the property market if you:  

    • qualify for FLISP (Finance Linked Individual Subsidy Programme) earning between R 3500 to R 22000 p.m.  
    • or group of friends qualify for bond financing   
    • have some cash available (not qualifying for a bond or in combination with a bond) 
    • have proven consistent income (with impaired credit record) to purchase property 
    • can access some of your pension funds or expect pension pay-out shorty 
    • have an existing property(ies) with low or no bond and with equity in your property  
    • are a foreigner with part cash and meeting the bond qualification criteria?  
    • Are just a property investor who wants to reach your goals with the correct strategy 

Determine the correct strategy  

 It’s the same as with everything in life:  

    • you need to have a goal that you work towards, connected to timelines and figures
    • you need to count the cost – thus if you fail to plan you plan to fail  

This is when you need to go to organisations, that have a proven track record with results, have your personal plan and goal in mind whilst not selling only their product.  

They need to understand and be aware of all the various products in the market and be able to facilitate accessing those opportunities for and on your behalf.  

Find yourself an asset originator instead of spending the time to continually look for property investment opportunities yourself 

Each investor’s strategy and goals are unique and needs a unique strategy and approach to reach that goal  Only buying a property to make money is not a strategy. There are various methodologies to reach a specific goal and if you are not guided correctly it can slow your progress down substantially 

Be an impact investor with a strategy  

As part of Health Begins with Home, Enterprise released the results of a first-of-its-kind survey on the connection between homes and health as experienced by tenants and medical professionals. The study found that lower-income tenants are paying on average 44% of income for rent, leading to difficult trade-offs including foregoing healthcare, and 35% of tenants have moved to a new home, because previous homes were too expensive, which can add to toxic stress. 

“We believe that technology can facilitate new business models and opportunities to fundamentally change how supply and demand functions in the current housing market,” says senior associate, Leila Collins. 

 How can we enable homebuyers and tenants to enter into new forms of tenure, whether it is fractional ownership or rental agreements, that allow greater mobility and flexibility?  

Finally, what new capital and credit structures can give more people access to the home-buying market and more predictability or even upside in the rental market? 

Become an impact investor with property as security, whilst making above market-related returns and changing lives by visiting   

Source: Property Assist




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