Make Your Home Beautiful and Saleable with Plascon’s 2019 Colour Forecast [SPONSORED]

There’s nothing like a fresh coat of paint to breathe new life into a space. Together with considered décor and furniture, it gives the homeowner the chance to put their own stamp on their bricks and mortar. Keeping up the paintwork is also essential for safeguarding a home’s value but one person’s colour palette might not be the next person’s cup of tea. By using Plascon’s on trend Colour Forecast 2019, homeowners can ensure that the colour in their home doesn’t detract from its resale value but still gives them a beautiful space they love.

Plascon’s Head of Decorative Marketing, Katlego Kondlo says, “Beyond aesthetics, an excellently applied coat of paint helps protect a house from the elements and demonstrates that it’s well-cared for. This adds significant value to your home especially when the time comes to sell, and would-be buyers see that the home won’t cost them extra money to paint in the long term.”

Teaming up with trend authorities with research obtained from around the world, each year Plascon collaboratively decodes current social and lifestyle insights into projected colour, décor and design trends. The 2019 Colour Forecast presents four colour stories that speak to six identified social moods. Katlego says, “These moods include cocooning, urbanisation, individualisation, emotional intelligence, mindfulness and global connection and are dictating how people like to create and curate their spaces. Our four colour stories speak to these trends.”

Part of the Luxury colour story, Ravine (62) is Plascon’s neutral of the year 2019 and a versatile blend of grey and beige that can be used for building a signature palette. Adaptable and contemporary, it’s perfect for the classically decorated home as it pairs with brights and pastels. Partnered with whites and blonde wood tones, it also invites a clean, clear and calm Scandinavian aesthetic. Katlego says, “In contrast to other cooler shades of grey, Ravine (62) is a neutral hue that adds warmth to space. We suggest painting it in our premium Cashmere product for an elegant transformation and a luxuriously minimal look that anyone will love.”

CAPTION: Pause and reflection with an artful blend of grey and beige. Ravine (62) is Plascon’s Neutral of the Year 2019.

With restrained core neutrals such as Nutmeg Dust (O3-C2-2) and Oyster Catcher (Y2-B2-3), the Glamour story is decidedly summery and appeals to confident and creative souls. The use of colour is indulgent and accessories are treasured collector’s pieces gathered over time. Katlego states, “Teamed with feel-good modern pastels, bold pops of colour, natural and metallic elements this elegant colour story is for the globally connected and extroverted individual who enjoys considered opulent touches.”

CAPTION: Glamour’s dreamy pastel Nutmeg Dust (O3-C2-2) with metallic décor elements and natural touches invite glamour and feminine sophistication.

Mature, dramatic and autumnal with an emphasis on simple pleasures, the Luxury colour story speaks to cocooning, emotional intelligence and mindfulness. Ravine (62) and Berry Good (P1-A2-3) work well with Black Bean (71) and Beeswax Candle (Y1-B1-1), for a look that takes us back to a slower pace where old world values take centre stage. “Slow living takes centre stage here where taking the time for simple pleasures like taking a bath or reading a book are seen as luxurious,” says Katlego.

CAPTION: Warmth and introspection – deep brown Black Bean (71) casts a serious tone that is lifted with textural elements that inspire luxury and balance in the Luxury colour story.

The Colour Forecast’s wintry Urban colour story speaks to the ultimate urban home, edited with clean lines and no clutter. Cementitious Silver (38) and gritty Bovine (47) are the neutrals which are brought to life with rich blues, reds and yellows such as Pristine Blue (B4-A1-1), Red Flame (R7-A1-1) and Yellow Jubilee (Y2-A1-1).  The Minimal colour story features bright futuristic neutrals reminiscent of Spring. Daiquiri Cream (G4-B2-3) and Meadow Yellow (Y4-A2-2) teamed up with refined shades such as Atlantic Ocean (B2-C1-1) or sensorial Night’s Cloak (P1-C1-1) set the scene for an upbeat colour story that provides warmth in the absence of ‘stuff’. About the Minimal and Urban colour stories Katlego comments, “Living in urban areas means we live in smaller spaces and this is driving people to embrace smaller homes that are functionally designed to do more with less. Ensuring your space is streamlined and functional will be a major advantage for buyers in the future.”

CAPTION: Less is more with the Minimal colour story. This bathroom is a modern sanctuary treated in Daiquiri Cream (G4-B2-3) and Storm (B4-E1-4).

CAPTION: Youthful primaries such as Yellow Jubilee (Y2-A1-1) elevate industrial Bovine (47) and Silver (38) in the Urban colour story in this industrial-looking space

Utilising Plascon’s 2019 Colour Forecast not only helps with choosing colours for your space but also future proofs your home to ensure an easy sale when it’s time to move on. Katlego sums it up: “Our colour stories were formulated as a guide to help you create beautiful homes where we feel confident and happy. By selecting colours that are on trend and suit general societal trends it’s now easier than ever to future proof your home for the next buyer as well.”