Why Prepaid Utilities Are Good for Everyone [SPONSORED]

Why Prepaid Utilities Are Good for Everyone [SPONSORED]

The basic provision of, and consistent and correct payment for electricity and water can make or break a tenant-landlord relationship. Fighting over answers to such simple questions as how much has been used and how much is owed can cause more frustration, anguish and admin than anyone needs. 

Installing a prepaid meter is an excellent way to resolve these issues and when that meter is backed by the extensive Citiq Prepaid system, which includes its installation club, online portal, two strategically placed call centres and countrywide recharge network, utility billing and payment can become a pleasure.

Hundreds of thousands of tenants, property owners, body corporates and property managers have found that installing a Citiq Prepaid system has made life much easier for the following reasons:

Tenants never spend more than they budgeted

Tenants can track their daily usage and make sure that they don’t unexpectedly go over budget. “Prepaid removes the threat of any unexpected invoices. There is no chance of a nasty surprise at the end of the month when the bill arrives and you have a water leak somewhere on the property but still need to pay, and pay now,” says Carel Scheepers, National Sales Manager at Citiq Prepaid. 

Perfect utility collection and payment 

Property owners and managers recover the usage amount from their tenants. Citiq Prepaid deposits the funds on the first working day of each month so that all utility bills can be managed by the owner. “Our systems helps you to minimise  threats of service interruption or fines. Citiq Prepaid recovers the cost of the utilities and pays, like clockwork, directly into the property owner’s account each and every month,” says Scheepers.

No Admin

No need to split bills, distribute invoices, chase payment and work with disputes. “We handle absolutely everything and our online portal makes it easy to check token purchasing and recovered utility funds. It’s really simple to keep on top of utility admin with us,” says Scheepers. 

It’s a system not a device

Citiq Prepaid is more than just a meter, it’s a comprehensive system which includes the hardware, installation club, online portal, recharge network and the two call centres, operating countrywide. “Our meters are Government approved, but that’s not all we have to offer. The power of our solution lies in how we integrate all the elements to ensure convenience and reliability for everyone,” concludes Scheepers. 

Citiq Prepaid utility metering eases the challenges of renting for owners and tenants and ensure there is clarity around utility usage, cost and payment. 

Property owners, managers and tenants all benefit from prepaid utility sub-metering from Citiq Prepaid.

Source: www.citiqprepaid.co.za




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