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My friends I’m excited to be speaking at the REIMAG’s event in Cape Town and Johannesburg. I will be doing a private presentation the day after each event and scheduling meetings for personal “face time” so read on to learn how to get time with me while I am in town.… Here’s more of what’s going on in the U.S. and how you can profit.

The only time I was really concerned about politics in the U.S. was the last election for President. So many people get caught up watching or reading the news that it almost becomes an excuse not to work in their business. It’s been written by me before: “Turn off the news, throw out the newspapers and create business.” That being said, the last U.S. Presidential election had too much at stake for my Country and for me; it was a vote for capitalism or socialism. 

I’m really not a political person but I really enjoy the freedom to do what I want to do. There are so many reasons why I would never vote for Hillary Clinton or the socialist Bernie Sanders, but that’s not for this article. This article is about the economic health of the U.S. with a glimpse of what we might expect in the future. 

It’s impossible to write about our economic situation without bringing Trump into the equation. So, for my friends in South Africa, here is the point of view that is shared by many Capitalist in the U.S.

Trump is a disrupter. He’s brash, arrogant and above all else a businessman that wants to win. Even with the media in the U.S., which in a large part is brought and paid for by the Democrats  – they can’t seem to counter him. It’s pitiful at times because our political parties care more about protecting the power they have instead of protecting the citizens. Instead of working together for the common good of the people, most politicians want a power grab to keep them in office. Not so with Trump! He’s not a politician and he’s proven that over and over again with his tweets and some of his remarks when he’s caught off guard. 

Trump invokes such deep emotions in his critics and supporters that many have struggled to objectively assess his presidency. Some are so blinded by their hatred for Trump that they refuse to acknowledge the good he has done, while others are so blinded by devotion they overlook almost any transgression. 

Let’s be honest; every Country would probably be better off if a businessman ran it, not a power-hungry politician. With Trump, we got exactly what we elected, and he is really doing what he promised. Don’t confuse his negotiation style with a lack of unintended consequences.  I recently met with George Ross, (Trump’s personal attorney until he ran for President since The Donald was 27 years old) and he also co-hosted the Apprentice TV show with Trump. We discussed Trumps negotiation style and it confirmed what I thought; he pushes and hits his adversaries to the wall with outlandish demands and expectations – and then he walks it back to what his hoped for intended result was. 

Here’s just a few highlights from my perspective of his 1.5 years in office. 

  • His impact on the Supreme Court: there will be a 2nd Judge to be appointed soon to preserve the laws here in the U.S.
  • New tax cuts across the board.
  • Steep tariffs on some Countries. This has other consequences but “The Donald” isn’t done yet. 
  • He went after Syria after proof of chemical warfare. He didn’t bluff – he called them out and acted. 
  • He has taken a hard line against Russia, he’s sent a 47 million Military Package to the Ukraine, troops to Poland’s boarder and new sanctions on Moscow for violating the Intermediate – Range Nuclear Forces Treaty. 
  • He recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. Other Presidents promised to do it – he did it. 
  • He got NATO allies to kick in 12 billion more toward our collective security. 
  • He removed restraints Obama placed on our military and let it drive terrorist from their strongholds. He virtually eliminated the Islamic States physical caliphate.
  • He admitted he was wrong on Afghanistan and revised Obama’s disastrous withdrawal. He recognized the withdrawal would create a vacuum for terrorist. 
  • He won the election and ended the corrupt, dishonest Clinton political machine. 
  • The U.S. economy is booming as unemployment is at historic low levels at 3.8%. He has restored confidence in the American economy with confidence among both consumers and businesses, reaching historic highs. 

Hey, that’s just a few of the good things he’s created and quite frankly, most Americans are biased and not interested in his sex life or the Russian witch hunt perpetuated by the Democrats. They are all distraction from a pathetic, fractured, Democratic party. BTW: I grew up as a Democrat – right up till I became a businessman. I think I was 9 years old then. 


There’s talk of recession in the next 18-24 months in the U.S. We’ve had the greatest “bull run” in history and many pundits say, we appear to be poised for a recession. Interest rates are creeping back up and there is talk of house sales slowing down. 

Here’s what I see: house sales are slowing down due to a lack of inventory. Single-family residential and multi-family residential are being built like crazy. It’s almost impossible to find good contractors throughout the U.S.. (See insert taken from the Tampa Times on August 30, 2018) There is a major shortage. Did Trump send all the Mexicans back to Mexico? He’s only sending the bad ones back and making sure our boarders are secure to protect the citizens of this Country. Let me ask you this; do you think that Angela Merkle, the Chancellor of Germany will be well thought of in 10 years? Hmmm… There will be something brewing in Germany and I don’t think it will be beer. 

Here’s what will impact any recession in the U.S.: THE MID-TERM ELECTIONS! 

If the Republicans maintain Congress and the Senate, this bull market will continue potentially into Trumps second term. If the Republicans lose the Senate, the Democrats will try to impeach him and that will rock the markets. 

Look, I’m not a political writer, I’m a businessman and my remarks are what I see here in the U.S. 

You wish you had someone like him running your Country – don’t you? 

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