Every drop counts

Every drop counts

The drought in the Western Cape has changed most South Africans’ thinking around water usage and the future of the country’s water supplies. Punitive tariffs and the urgent need for self-regulation have forced us to rethink how we go about using, conserving and optimising our use of this scarce resource.

A South African company, recognizing the need for creating a sustainable home and a more empowered consumer, has produced a smart water management solution to answer the growing need for the monitoring of water usage at your fingertips.

Dhasi Naidoo, Chief Strategy Officer at Ontec Systems, explains: “GaugeIT allows for the evolution of a smarter, more engaged consumer, by empowering them with near-real time water consumption information directly on their mobile devices. Besides the financial benefits to consumers, it will empower them to proactively monitor their consumption patterns, adjust their usage behaviours and thus contribute to making a meaningful difference towards the country’s water conservation objectives.”

Key features

  • Near real-time hourly monitoring;
  • Early leak detection alarms;
  • High usage threshold warnings;
  • In addition to these core benefits, consumers that have been restricted to a daily water quota by the Utility, now have the ability to closely monitor their own usage to avoid running out of water prematurely;
  • Consumers can also compare their water consumption with the utility bill to ensure alignment.

Despite the recent rains in the region, dam levels in the Western Cape remain at a critically low point. In addition, according to Weather SA, the uncertainty of anticipated seasonal rainfall remains an alarming concern.

The City of Cape Town recently announced that the region’s residents should continue to adhere to the restrictions that have been set.

“The Department of Water and Sanitation requires Cape Town to get down to a collective usage target of 450 million litres per day. It remains important to get as close to it as possible to ensure that water resources are stretched in the face of further rainfall uncertainty,” said the City’s Executive Deputy Mayor, Alderman Ian Neilson.

GaugeIT is introduced at a time when the City of Cape Town is also tightening legislation around water usage, with amendments to the Water By-Law passed on May 31, many of which will affect residents. The new regulations require landlords to “keep record of consumption for each residential unit…” and new developments have been ordered to “install water conservation and demand management systems…”

The City is making it clear that it wants greater individual water consumption accountability, says Damian Padachi, Chief Executive Officer at Ontec. “GaugeIT’s biggest value propositions are to create awareness and to empower the consumer to make better decisions with resources,” concludes Padachi.

“We aspire to migrate our communities towards Smarter Living and empower them to take control of their own environments.”




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