Top Suburbs for Investors – Johannesburg

Top Suburbs for Investors – Johannesburg

Johannesburg residential property offers investors sound opportunities if they purchase the right kind of property in the right area.


Rosebank is one suburb showing excellent investment returns and future potential. The area’s commercial zone has expanded dramatically in the last 18 months and continues to grow. There are also strong rumours around other banks moving their head offices to Rosebank, and a number of large oil companies will have a presence in the precinct with Total currently in the area and BP due to move in soon.

This level of commercial development means a continued influx of executives into the area for work in the foreseeable future. It is anticipated that a further 11 500 more people will be working in the Rosebank precinct by the end of 2019 which will continue to spur the demand for upmarket executive accommodation. Added to this, more and more people rely on public transport such as the Gautrain and therefore want to live closer to their place of work for time saving, economic and environmental reasons.


While Bryanston has always been a sought after residential area, its commercial component has grown in recent years creating a greater demand for residential property. This demand has ensured that Bryanston continues to provide excellent growth in residential property investments, especially apartments that appeal to executives. There is a strong corporate rental appeal in Bryanston due to its location and the number of large corporates all of which have head offices in the Bryanston business node. The area has also become a creative hub, with a number of advertising companies based in the area.


In recent years the demand for sectional title apartments – both for rent and to purchase – in Rivonia, which is considered to be one of the most affluent residential and suburbs in Johannesburg, has been incredibly strong due to its proximity to Sandton. As the demand for commercial space in the Rivonia precinct continues to climb, coupled with the fact that there are also a number of blue chip companies located in neighbouring areas like Huawei, which recently moved into premises in Woodmead, there will be a continued strong demand for the right kind of properties for some time to come. Rivonia offers great corporate rentals and accommodation for executives close to Sandton but at more affordable rates.

Suburban areas with good amenities and easy access to major road networks that are located within a 15km radius of business nodes, such as Douglasdale and Paulshof, continue to provide investors with good growth prospects and a strong rental demand for townhouses in particular.


What to look for

A good spread of amenities and access to major road networks are key elements to factor in when looking for investment properties in Johannesburg’s northern suburbs. We anticipate sectional title properties in these key Johannesburg areas to show solid growth in the medium term and good return on investment in rentals for the foreseeable future.






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