REIM April 2018 | Master Investor Bronwyn Corbett

REIM April 2018 | Master Investor Bronwyn Corbett

March is already gone, and we kick off April with Easter Hunts and a healthy bit of rest. However the property market remains on tenterhooks regarding the Land Expropriation issue, so we go digging for the opportunities in this murky legislative swamp.

We’re also taking a closer look at SA’s other coastal capital this month – Durban! The city has been tracking very well in national growth statistics and represents some great value for keen investors to capitalise on.

In our commercial section, we look at the future of that infamous unfinished freeway in Cape Town, and speak to the experts about the best places to find industrial properties.

Our legal experts have unpacked for you how the VAT hike affects property transactions as well as provided some tips on getting the best credit rating for your next bond approval.

Back in the Mother City and we explore how the resilient hospitality industry has stood managed amid DayZero mania.

Casting our investment gaze further ashore, we pick up some useful tips on the best current strategies for investing in the UK.

Although it’s a bit of a rocky road with several major challenges and hurdles coming up, 2018 is also a year filled with opportunities for those willing and able to seek them out. Read our full digimag for free and maybe we can assist you in finding your own road to success!

Happy Investing!




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