Tech Takes Property By Storm

Tech Takes Property By Storm

Technology is fast changing the face of property development with a host of cost-saving, eco-friendly and convenient new high-tech elements becoming standard features even in entry level developments.

Property expert, Toni Enderli, says smart cities comprising smart homes are the future. These are homes in which appliances are controlled remotely through online portals or smartphone apps and applies to single dwellings, apartments, complexes and security estates.

Keyless technology, used by the hotel industry for years, is now a feature of smart homes across the world, eliminating keys and instead using codes via smartphone apps or software portals.

Enderli says fibre technology in new developments is making connectivity easy and a standard feature of many estates. “Most of us live and thrive off data and connectivity. Fibre helps make this happen quicker and easier and developers are using fibre not only for connectivity but also for intercom and communications systems which can now be accessed and operated through smart phones.”

Enderli says fibre technology is also being utilised for satellite television, linking scores of units in apartments or complexes to one dish as opposed to one for each unit, thereby cutting costs and clutter.

Developers, International Housing Solutions which incorporates smart technology into its affordable housing projects, says high speed internet connectivity has become the fourth utility after water, gas and electricity. The Courtyard, one of its recently launched entry level developments in Parklands, features solar geysers, water and energy saving technology and fibre ready units.

“Smart cities use advances in communications and digital technologies, data sharing and analysis and intelligent design to make cities more liveable, resilient, economically sound and sustainable for the future,” notes IHS on its website.

Enderli says complex or development apps are becoming the “heartbeat” of secure estates. The apps manage access, security, appliances and enhance community communication. Smart devices can be used to view both the inside and outside of properties via security cameras while alarm systems can be activated and deactivate remotely too.

He adds that certain developments are even creating their own digital currency for residents to pay their utility, security and other internal bills.

Enderli says some real estate companies such as Realtors of Excellence, which he heads, are also on board the technology wave, replacing old school show houses with cloud-based technology platforms to make house viewing and purchasing simpler. This includes drone technology, 3D virtual tours of properties incorporating 3D plans and social media to showcase property in specific communities.

Big data is also being used to analyse and share property market statistics and trends. In addition, online, securely coded information platforms are being used to store confidential documents and to eliminate time-consuming and arduous paperwork. “Technology is making all our lives so much easier and home buyers can how have all the information they need at their fingertips,” says Enderli.

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