Budget Speech 2018 – where to next…?
Malusi Gigaba and Cyril Ramaphosa - @GovernmentZA

Budget Speech 2018 – where to next…?

Wow, we haven’t seen such a tumultuous start to a year since…maybe 2016? (Who will forget when the Rand plummeted to hit 17.81 following 3 finance ministers in a week … and all was doom, gloom and despair.)

And now, here we are 2 years later, and suddenly everything seems a tad rosier than even a week ago. Having seen the back of Jacob Zuma, a new president of the country, Cyril’s Ramaphosa’s State of the Nation Address, and Budget 2018…all in the past few days!

Phew! If you are out of breath, I don’t blame you.

There has certainly been a lot to digest from the above events – lots of promises, facts and figures (and what felt like one of the longest budget speeches ever.)

And, of course, positive sentiment has driven the Rand to its best levels in 3 years.

But, after all is said and done, the most important questions are:

“What does this actually all mean?

And where to now?”

Too often, we get caught up in the hype and what happens or is said along the way. And, most times, that is nothing more than distraction.

Distraction from the big picture.

This is why I am hosting Andrew Rissik of Sable Forex at 19h00 tonight on a live webinar.

It is a FREE event, and he will be sharing his informed view of the Budget, SONA, Cyril and more. You can click the link above to be auto-registered.

Andrew will help us get some clarity and on-the-ground information. His occupation gives him access to information you won’t find elsewhere – Sable Forex assists clients in moving money both offshore and into South Africa. Alongside that, they are also immigration specialists.

This means he understands sentiment on the ground, he understands economics, and he understands forex flows. And those are key to understanding where we are going from here.

Our discussions with him have always yielded some real gold nuggets. And we want to share some of those with you, Dynamic Outcomes.

Click to join us tonight, 22 February at 7PM SA time

(click the link above to be auto-registered)

Why is it so important to attend?

Because we want to give you some clarity, so that you can go into the balance of the year with the right frame of mind. And be able to make informed and educated decisions. We will go over the all important events we have seen in the past 2 months, decoding and summarising it all for you. And then, critically, I plan to provide some insights for where I see the Rand going over the coming months and beyond.

Which is likely to be different from what mainstream economists will be telling yo…but then, what were they telling you back in early 2016, when the Rand had just hit 17.81? You can be sure they wouldn’t have shared our Rand-positive view on 19 January 2016 (shown below):

As you can see from above, at a time when everyone was Rand negative – and could only see the Rand weaken, based on our analysis, we foresaw this period of significant Rand optimism coming.

A very contrarian view.

And that is why it is important you attend tonight’s webinar – to see the real picture, based on our objective analysis … not what economists and mainstream media feed you.

Click to join us tonight at 7PM SA time

(click this link to be auto-registered)

There will be plenty of time for Q&A. Please bring all of your questions and we’ll be glad to answer them.

See you there, Dynamic Outcomes.

Until then,

James Paynter
Founder/Head Analyst




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