Real Estate Investment Seminars with Clem Sunter [SPONSORED]

Real Estate Investment Seminars with Clem Sunter [SPONSORED]

As you know a lot of entrepreneurs have found great success in real estate investing yielding high returns and profits. With numerous investment opportunities now available to us almost, everyone can not only get a chance but can afford to invest in real estate, locally and globally. Real Estate has proven to be one of the most robust investment classes and we have a few reasons on why you should start investing in this area.


  1. It’s simple – it’s not rocket science

You can start proactively investing without having or needing specialist knowledge. All you need to do is invest in areas where the property value will likely increase. That is, in or around schools, medical suites, hospitals and in metropolis areas.  Putting your property against a new one to generate wealth investment.


  1. Developing and subdividing

Purchasing a large property subdividing and developing it into apartments, office space.  although it is expensive and a tedious process, it can be a rewarding exercise.  Real estate is the only asset class that has this kind of opportunity.


  1. Passive income

Through investing in RE opportunities you get to let your money create wealth for you while you do absolutely nothing. Such investments allow you the freedom to live your life and not be concerned or involved in the daily running of the investment. For example, medical real estate has become one of the leading asset classes for high passive income returns.


  1. Tax deductions

If you own rental real estate, you can benefit from tax deductions more than people who own residential real estate. All expenses incurred to generate the income from your rental estate can be deducted. These expenses can range travel, upkeep to management costs.


  1. Flexibility

Real estate is a flexible investment that allows you to find a strategy that is suited to your financial objectives. For instance, if you are investing for retirement this works because of the long-tern increase in value of the real estate. If your need is to also receive an income, you can always select real estate investments with good rental returns.

Wealth Migrate will be hosting the Real Estate Investing workshops across Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban this month aimed at educating people about global real estate investing.  



20 February 2018  – The Capital Pearls Hotel, Umhlanga, Durban
21 February 2018  – Monte Casino, Fourways, Gauteng
22 February 2018 –  The River Club, Observatory, Cape Town




09:00 – 12h15   How to create a global real estate investment portfolio, hosted by Scott Picken


12:15 – 13:15     Lunch


13:15 – 14:30    What you need to know about Real Estate Investing in this current Global Economy, hosted by Clem Sunter


14h45 – 16h00   How Real Estate Investing helped me to become financially independent, hosted by Petro Magos



The principles of investing
The difference between income and growth investments
The single biggest mistake people make when investing in real estate
What a portfolio strategy is
How due diligence comes into play
How you can overcome fear of failure and manage risk
The best real estate sectors that will earn you above average returns
How to invest in buy to let apartments without having to buy an actual apartment
How real estate can help you become a citizen in another country
The difference between REITS & the way Wealth Migrate invests
How you can start investing, creating and preserving wealth through property, from as little as R1 000, both locally and internationally?
The secrets and strategies successful real estate investors use
How exponential technology is disrupting the real estate sector


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