Wealth Migrate, First Global Online Real Estate Investment Platform with Integrated Blockchain is now set to Launch their WealthE Coin.
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Wealth Migrate, First Global Online Real Estate Investment Platform with Integrated Blockchain is now set to Launch their WealthE Coin.

In October 2016, FinTech platform Wealth Migrate which enables global real estate investing introduced blockchain technology in a move that significantly enhances security and privacy protections for investors around the globe, reduces the friction costs and vastly increase trust for investors.

Wealth Migrate Chief Operating Officer, Jaco Maritz, says that while many financial services providers have been experimenting with the transformative power of blockchain and distributed databases, few have successfully integrated the technology in a way that benefits global investors looking for enhanced security and assurance when investing locally and across borders.

“The technical integration of blockchain into our platform provides our investors with a number of benefits, including greater protection of personal information and decentralized confirmation of transactions,” says Maritz. “We have gone to great measures to create the most secure online real estate investing platform across the globe, whilst still achieving our mission of making it simple, safe, and easy for investors at every level.”

In addition to the benefits of integrating blockchain technology, the Wealth Migrate platform adds an additional level of security within its blockchain as a “one-way hash code.” This is an extra, highly secure encryption applied to investment transactions in the blockchain, providing an unprecedented level of privacy and cybersecurity protection.

Our investors have been using this ‘new blockchain’ for more than a year, and it generates a unique transaction code and hash value once they completed their transaction. The transaction is then stored on the blockchain via a secure public Bitcoin library, which can be queried by investors with the right hash code to validate their investment.

It is all about trust when it comes to investing, and this technology provides the foundation in enhancing our three core values at Wealth Migrate: Trust, Transparency, and Alignment for all parties involved.

“Investing across borders is a complex process often wrought with fraud,” says Scott Picken, Founder, and CEO. “At Wealth Migrate, we are committed to our vision of using technology to help investors everywhere have access to world-class commercial real estate investments in currency stable markets. However, with the real dangers of fraud, we give global investors an additional level of security with the ability to have an un-editable record of their investments, providing them extra transparency and trust in the process.”

“Investors domiciled in developing and emerging markets have been especially advantaged by these technology enhancements, as they are often exposed to greater risks when attempting cross-border transactions. These risks are mitigated by the encryption and immutability functions of the blockchain” says Picken. “We believe this is one of the primary reasons why the number of countries where our investors have come from has risen from 20 to 46 in the last 12 months.”

Now in November 2017, with US $66m worth investments via our blockchain platform and over 1500 transactions, we will be launching our WealthETM Coin. We aim to create a crypto currency that is based on real estate. In conjunction with gamification, game theory and blockchain this is going to have a catalytic impact on our Global Wealth Ecosystem and investor experience, giving our investors additional opportunities to increase their investment returns and be the catalyst in enabling us further to empower a billion people by 20020 in global real estate investing. Our mission in helping bridge The Wealth Gap! Making global commercial real estate investing available to the 99-percent who want to invest like the top one-percent.

“The WealthETM Coin allows us to vastly reduce the friction costs for investors and it’s another step closer to making global real estate investing as simple as a swipe of a finger from $1 per person. A $1 investment won’t change someone’s life, but it will change their habits, which in turn will change their financial destinies,” says Picken.

The WealthETM Coin announcement follows the successful placement of permanent teams in the USA, UK, UAE, and Australia. Wealth Migrate also have representative offices based in South Africa, China and Hong Kong and are continuing to rapidly expand globally having registered members from 107 countries, this more than half the globe!

If you want to know:

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  4. Why has it risen so much in 2017?
  5. What is going to happen in 2018?
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  12. And many more questions (bring your own)

We are hosting an online live Webinar you CANNOT afford to miss with THREE of the global authorities in this space. 

  1. David Orban – was the very first person in the world to own Ether, is a faculty member of Singularity University on Blockchain & a Venture Capitalist
  2. Michael Terpin – has done 64 ICO’s including Etherium and some of the biggest in the world and is the leading authority in PR & Communications in this space.
  3. Richard Titus – a serial entrepreneur, advisor, and crypto Whale (someone who has made a fortune in Bitcoin and other crypto’s.)
  • Date: 6th December 2017
  • Time: 8am PST (California), 4pm GMT (London), 6pm SAST (South Africa), 10pm (Dubai)
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About Wealth Migrate

Wealth Migrate is a leading global online real estate investment platform that offers investors direct access to exclusive global commercial real estate investment opportunities in premier markets around the world, including the U.S., U.K., and Australia. Investors benefit from the extensive experience of the Wealth Migrate executive team, who in their careers have collectively invested more than $1.34 billion in international real estate transactions across 5 continents.

For more information, please visit http://www.wealthmigrate.com.




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