Blockchain and Property – Convenience for Investors

Blockchain and Property – Convenience for Investors

Technology is becoming a disruptive force in many sectors, as seen with the impact that the likes of Uber and Airbnb have each respectively had in the transport and travel spaces. But property sales – and particularly the funding of commercial property developments – are also primed for disruption.

One such company already disrupting this space is Wealth Migrate, which is turning to technologies such as the Bitcoin blockchain to allow people to invest in commercial properties in the U.S.A. from as little as $1000.

Wealth Migrate is a global online real estate marketplace that allows people to invest in commercial real estate (CRE). They have developed one of the most secure online global real estate investing marketplaces’, whilst achieving their ongoing mission of making quality real estate investments available and affordable to investors at every level.

The Fintech investment platform opens up this previously unattainable marketplace in a secure, compliant and highly regulated environment. The idea is simple yet powerful because historically, real estate has proven to be one of the best-performing investments. We make the process of investing in the highest quality CRE from around the globe simple, efficient and transparent.

Over the last three years, Wealth Migrate have concluded six CRE investment projects with a value exceeding $100m. Projects vary from growth investments (18-24 months) or income investments (4-5 years) which deliver investor returns (IRR) from 12.0% – 19.5% or above. Quarterly dividends between 7%- 9% per annum, are paid for the income investments, as well as a capital gain, which is paid at the end of the investment period. Returns are paid in the currency of the investment i.e. USD, AUD, GBP.

“What used to take me months, I just did it in 12 minutes. What the team at Wealth Migrate has emerged to achieve is astounding” – Andrew Cooper, Entrepreneur

Investing with Wealth Migrate is a simple 2 step process – users need to sign up and can then start transacting. Once you have completed your investment, you have the pleasure of monitoring its performance through your online portfolio. With the inclusion of Blockchain technology, Wealth Migrate provides our investors with many benefits, including greater protection of personal information, the inclusion of smart contracts, and decentralized confirmation of transactions.

Wealth Migrate has added an additional level of security within our blockchain as a “one-way hash code.” This highly secure encryption is applied to investment transactions and offers an unprecedented level of privacy and cyber-security protection in cross- border transactions.

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