Robert Kiyosaki – Transform Your Wealth

Robert Kiyosaki – Transform Your Wealth

Robert Kiyosaki is an American businessman, entrepreneur and author well known in South Africa. If you mention his name, you immediately associate it with the number one best selling and most read personal finance book of all time called ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’. Kiyosaki is also the founder of the ‘Rich Dad’ company, which is a private financial education company that provides personal finance and business education to people through seminars, books, videos and educational games. He created the ‘Cash flow’ board game and has authored around 26 books in the ‘Rich Dad’ series translated into 51 languages, available in 109 countries with over 27 million copies sold worldwide. Kiyosaki told REIM recently that he has personally implemented, invested and done all the things he writes about in all of his books and is not writing or speaking as an academic as most authors’ do.

A lot has been has been written and spoken about this financial guru both good and bad and like any detractor challenges the norms. What you can’t challenge him on is his powerful practical message on financial education. He has been telling people to invest in themselves and their own knowledge first. He is a great motivator impacting everyday people to change their mindset, financial habits and their financial independence. Many of his perspectives on building wealth fly in the face of conventional wisdom. He is critical of the old traditional education systems that have been teaching us antiquated and outdated financial advice, which has been benefitting governments and institutions for years.

Most financial advice he says is bad advice. Advice such as, save money, get out of debt, and invest in a portfolio of well-diversified mutual funds are not the way to go if you want long-term financial success. Investments that have always worked well for him include real estate, leveraging debt, gold, silver, oil and he is now a big proponent of using crypto currency to your advantage as a new asset class for financial success.

He says people should not live below their means only by reducing their spending but it is important to spend less than what you earn but at the same time as you raise your earning power. People need to stop working for money and start acquiring assets.

Kiyosaki is back in South Africa hosting multiple events spreading his message of preparing yourself for the next financial crash. Over the years, the financial icon has made hard-hitting statements about topical political and economic issues here in South Africa. We share some of his more recent thoughts and principles, explain how they relate to our current economic climate and how we can use it to improve our personal financial situation.



Age: 70 years old
Occupation: Businessman, author and investor
Married: Kim Kiyosaki
Qualifications: Bsc. Degree (USMMA); MBA University of Hawaii
Residence: Phoenix, Arizona, USA
Estimated wealth: $80 million

Kiyosaki’s Business interests

Kiyosaki operates various business ventures and investments. Many are concentrated in the information technology (mobile apps and internet), publishing, retail, education, mining, energy, financial market, and real estate industries. Kiyosaki has been in the oil business since the late 1990s. He owns a number of oil drilling operations and oil wells in Texas, Louisiana, and Oklahoma. In 2013, Kiyosaki invested in three new oil wells with a 10 percent stake. In late 2015, Kiyosaki amassed a portfolio of 400 privately controlled oil wells.

Kiyosaki’s Real estate investments

Kiyosaki is involved in commercial real estate sector, investing in warehouses, triple net lease and real estate development ventures around the United States. One of his real estate businesses is an apartment business where he owns over 1400 units of apartment houses. During the subprime mortgage crisis Kiyosaki invested heavily having acquired nearly 40% of his 2015 portfolio of distressed properties during the downturn. In 2008, Kiyosaki purchased a 300 unit, $17 million apartment complex in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Many of his commercial real estate holdings include luxury and boutique hotels, golf courses, and large apartment complexes. Kiyosaki acquired a $46 million Arizona landmark resort with five golf courses that was in foreclosure at a bankruptcy court. In 2011, he invested in a 2000 unit apartment construction project and earned approximately $250,000 in monthly cash flow. In May 2015, he invested in a 1600 unit apartment complex for $80 million USD. In December 2015, Kiyosaki refinanced a $300 million mortgage at 2.5 percent on one of his apartment complex investments. Kiyosaki controls over 10,000 apartment units producing over one million dollars in cash flow every month.

REIM Interview with Robert Kiyosaki (uncut)

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