Property Inspections Made Easy

Property Inspections Made Easy

With the digital revolution well and truly under way, it makes perfect sense that the property industry would follow suit. South African property role players will be only too happy to welcome one of the latest proptech solutions to reach our sunny shores. We love discovering handy new technology that makes life easier for the investor, estate agent, or contractor. Imfuna aims to do just that, with three business productivity tools aimed at the rental agent, property inspector, and construction specialist respectively.

A New Age of Productivity

Well-established in both the UK and US, this handy platform is now offering South African property role-players the same benefits. In short, Imfuna works as a digital archive of a property’s reports – from rental inspections to progress on a construction site. By using this platform, mountains of paperwork and repetitive tasks are eliminated. Instead, all parties involved get instant access to any and all relevant information regarding the property in question. Making use of mobile technology, users are never out of touch with their property’s status or progress.

Home is Where the Information Is

Knowing the state of your property can be a true headache for many investors. While this app doesn’t do the inspections for you, it does enable you to capture any and all relevant information and share it with all role-players.

A major component of the property investment world is the buy-to-let market. By using Imfuna Rent, you can create detailed property reports – both for ingoing and outgoing inspections. As a result, you and any relevant partners have 24/7 access to your asset’s state. This eliminates a large part of the property inspector’s headache, since unnecessary paperwork is avoided. On top of that, you’re able to create a side-by-side report of ingoing and outgoing inspections. As a result, you can easily see where potential issues have arisen. Imfuna Home Inspector enhances transparency during the home buying and selling process, informing all parties of relevant property details.

The Building Blocks of Success 

Contractors and investors often have a hard time keeping one another up to date in real-time. Building a new property or upgrading an existing one can be a stressful time, leaving little time for paperwork and back-and-forth communication. With Imfuna Construction Inspector, you’re able to conduct real-time progress inspections on construction projects. This leads to a more unified process, with each role-player being kept up to date with current problems. Whether you need a weekly report, an overall summary, or to flag specific issues, there are several layout options to suit your project’s requirements.

The platform also enhances efficiency, with the support of dictation and optional transcription services – saving up to 75% of the time required to produce finished reports. Furthermore, the app has standard default templates and users can develop their own fully customised templates to suit their business needs.

In an increasingly busy and fast-paced market, we need all the help we can get when it comes to paperwork and record-keeping. By keeping all role-players up to date on your property, you avoid time-wasting and increase productivity.





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