Do You Have a Financial Freedom Plan?

Do You Have a Financial Freedom Plan?

Digitorial_700x300Building a legacy means more than just repeating a pattern – it’s about true wealth creation. Perhaps you are fortunate enough to have come from a family where your grandparents worked hard, saved, bought a house and two cars and then had your father/mother. It is likely that your father or mother repeated this pattern; dedicating themselves to a job that enabled them to purchase a home and a car or two, send you to school and perhaps a university or some other form of tertiary education.

While this model is not inherently wrong, this conservative approach does not enable the legacy of wealth to pass efficiently down from one generation to the next.

Millennials Under Fire

While millennials are often accused of squandering their money on frivolous spending (Australian millionaire, Tim Gurner’s controversial ‘Avocado’ article a prime example of this kind of attack), in reality, the ‘stop spending and start saving’ model just doesn’t work in today’s new world economy. The solution, rather, is to increase your financial education—and by extension, your income.

Wealth Creation with Rich Dad’s Solution

Creating a legacy is all about lasting wealth creation, whether it be in property investment, stocks and shares, or entrepreneurship.

Inspired by the teachings of Robert Kiyosaki – Educator, Investor and Author of the worldwide bestseller ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’, Rich Dad’s Solutions are designed to educate you and move you forward on your personal wealth creation journey. Indeed, Robert Kiyosaki is widely regarded as the fastest growing name in personal finance.

Learn to Trade the Stock Market

Even if you never traded a single share of stock in your life, Rich Dad Education’s comprehensive Stock Success Training can prepare you for all the potential rewards that come from being a self-directed trader.

Accessing a $5,3 trillion a day market can seem like an insurmountable task that might otherwise leave you feeling left in the dark. However, Rich Dad Education’s Elite Global team are experts in their fields and have anticipated all the queries and concerns you may have about entering the realm of the wall street pros.

At the Free Stock Trading Workshop, you will learn:

  • 3 proven strategies that can give double digit percentage returns per month
  • How to protect against a weakening Rand and political uncertainty
  • How to fit trading into a busy lifestyle
  • How to generate a consistent income in Dollars or Pounds from South Africa or anywhere in the world
  • How to manage risk effectively to help double your returns

Invest in Local and International Property

Why Property?

When invested in well, property provides leverage. It is one of the only assets you can get leverage at 100% using other people’s money and it can also provide unlimited wealth and security. There is no income ceiling in property as it is a positive cash flowing asset. Furthermore, the lessons and patterns you learn can be applied and over again.

At the Free Property Investment Workshop, you will learn:

  • How to get into the property market, even if you have no investing experience
  • How to generate a passive income outside your job
  • Where to find hidden investment opportunities
  • How property investors are achieving excellent returns on their investments through the buy-to-let market
  • How to turn the current demand for rental properties into an opportunity
  • How to overcome fear of failure and manage risk

Take charge of your financial future and learn more by attending a FREE Rich Dad Workshop

Stock Trading Workshops:

Johannesburg 4 – 9 July
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Property Investment Workshops:

Johannesburg 26 June – 2 July
Cape Town 4 – 8 July
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