The Distruption In The US Status Quo

The Distruption In The US Status Quo

For those of you viewing us from the outside, yes, Washington, D.C.—the entire country, in fact—is a different place today than it was just a few short months ago. Donald Trump, 45th President of the United States, is fulfilling the promises that got him elected. He’s draining the swamp in our nation’s capital, and the effects of this long-overdue shakeup are being felt from coast to coast.

As you would expect, liberal America doesn’t like it. Our mainstream media, controlled by the liberals, is portraying the situation as dire, the nation’s mood as somber and Trump himself as a conniving ‘king in waiting’. But nothing could be further from the truth, let me tell you.

Things are different. You can feel it on the streets; those of us who love capitalism have hope again. The bad decisions of the previous administration are systematically being undone and righted, and that’s good news for profit-seekers both inside and outside the U.S.

It’s about time we had someone who understands business—and how to succeed—running the country and steering it back to its place as a global leader in commerce, education, and politics. Any foreign investor who’s smart will recognize the momentum is just beginning and will catch this wave on the front end.

OK, so Trump is a no-nonsense guy, who says what’s on his mind and sometimes tweets those unfiltered thoughts to the world at all hours, making even his staunchest supporters cringe. He’s definitely breaking the mold at every turn. But here’s the thing: it’s not ‘business as usual’ in U.S. politics anymore.

Trump is president precisely because our citizens don’t want things done “the way they’ve always been done.” Trump doesn’t have the political baggage that every other politician carries into office. He doesn’t owe any favors, and he didn’t need this job. (By the way, he’s taking a $1 per year salary.)

He ran for office because he loves this country, and he knows the foundation of capitalism is crumbling. Let the chips fall where they may because he is going to do everything in his power to undo what his predecessor screwed up—from entitlements to business-unfriendly tax rules and everything in between.

America was out of control across the board, domestically and globally. The business sector is breathing a huge sigh of relief that Hillary Clinton wasn’t able to sustain the choke-hold those bad decisions put on our—and your—dreams of profiting and thriving in this economy.

A Clinton presidency would have spelled disaster for this country under her kind of leadership, which makes promises with everyone else’s wallet. Yes, it’s possible to improve our educational system—even without promising free college tuition to the entire populace. Our new Secretary of Education has her own ideas on academic excellence, and that doesn’t involve giving away the bank.

Ignore the sensationalism that’s making headlines, courtesy of CNN and the rest of the liberal U.S. media. Sure, Trump made a mistake by choosing Michael Flynn as Secretary of Defense. But the president acted swiftly and decisively to fire him after it was revealed that Flynn lied to Vice President Mike Pence. Now, that’s the way a proper leader of the free world should act!

To those overseas, this must seem like a reality TV show, and I must admit, it is somewhat entertaining! Right up to where you see Democrats Nancy Pelosi (Minority leader of the House of Representatives) and Dianne Feinstein (Senior Senator of California) twist and turn the truth. It’s as if they will say and do anything to preserve their sick entitlement habits. They are part of the disease that is rampant in America and that is dumbing down our citizens. They don’t want leaders. They want followers who they will protect at the price of their vote.

But despite their demented efforts to stonewall Trump, there is an uprising in this country for a safer, better America. You don’t do this by taking away citizens’ guns and leaving them only in the hands of criminals and the government. You don’t do this by failing to vet who comes into this country. You don’t do this by making deals with terrorist nations like Iran.

We need change in America, and we are getting it. Look at the optimism on Wall Street as the stock market is in an unusually long bull run! The U.S. is on a major upswing in spite of the sickness in Washington. Is it really any different anywhere else?

Trump postures, he pushes, and then he walks it back and negotiates. Isn’t it great to finally have a president who knows business and actually understands a balance sheet? It’s the first set of balls in the White House since Hillary left. This is no small undertaking, and most people in Trump’s position would find the scrutiny of their every word unbearable. But that’s what makes him Trump! He doesn’t care what people say; he’s looking out for this country and is going to run it like a business. Can I get an AMEN?!

The Republicans have already torn up Obamacare, which was a joke from the start. But you know—promise people anything to get their vote and you can preserve your power almost indefinitely. We don’t know what the new healthcare system will ultimately look like, nor Trump’s policies for education.

But this we do know for sure: there is optimism like never before for U.S. businesses and their employees, with lower income tax rates coming for corporations and individuals alike. The impact this is having on business can be seen from Miami to Atlanta, as well as other parts of the U.S., but especially the Southeast where roads are being widened and developers are building again.

The future is bright not just for Americans, but also for overseas investors ready to ride this massive wave.

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