SA Property Investor Network (Johannesburg)

SA Property Investor Network (Johannesburg)


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Freedom Through Property would like to invite you and your partner to our property investor networking event in Johannesburg on 17th of January 2017.

The aim of the Freedom Through Property community is to educate and share opportunities with property investors throughout South Africa. Be ready to embrace this amazing networking and educational opportunity…

Why South Africans are investing in overseas property?

Neale Petersen
Publisher, Entrepreneur and Mentor

Neale is the founding editor and publisher of Real Estate Investor Magazine, one of the author’s of an inspirational book called ‘Dance until it Rains’ and an accomplished real estate expert, investor and mentor.
Neale’s purpose is to educate, empower, inspire, add value and transform people to become successful in building personal wealth through real estate. Neale is passionate about both the psychology of investing and using creativity when investing in real estate.

17th January 2017

18h00 to 21h00

Cedar Woods of Sandton
120 Western Service Road

R170 per person
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Name: Isabel
Telephone: 0730434845

Just bring your business cards, partner or friends and a smile!

Andrew Walker
Property Investor, Coach & Entrrepreneur

Andrew is a very proud husband, father of two beautiful children, an investor, a coach and an entrepreneur. He is a successful global property investor and is proud to say that his time is his own and therefore he has flexibility to do the things that he wants. He has over fifteen years of experience in property investment and business management in South Africa and the United Kingdom.

He is a professional property investor and currently the Chief Commercial Officer for United Kingdom Property Partners, Property Sourcing Agent and Director for Investing North, Franchisor and Director at Letsand Property Management, Property Investor and Director at We Buy Your Home, Property Coach and Director at Freedom Through Property and Host and Director for SA Property Investors Network.

Let’s just rewind the clock. Andrew has always been entrepreneurial, from delivering newspapers in his local area at the age of twelve to starting his first business – a Sound Engineering Company – at the ripe age of fifteen!

From a young age Andrew always knew that property was the way forward. He bought his first investment property in Durban at the age of twenty-one and when he sold it for three times the amount that he paid for it, this sparked his interest in property investment.

Andrew and his wife, Simone, then decided to move to the United Kingdom in 2005, for an intended one-year trip, which ended up being an incredible and life changing eight-year journey.

Andrew has always believed in getting educated, in both 2006 and 2014 he embarked upon a journey of education and mentorship with Mathew Sneddon (2006) and Harry Barclay (2014). Mathew and Harry are both lead property investment mentors within the United Kingdom and helped accelerate Andrews property portfolio.

With Mathews help, Andrew managed to purchase his first property investment in North East Lincolnshire, United Kingdom without using any of his own money. Andrew describes his first property as a dirty smelly run down house, which he purchased using bridge finance, credit cards and the local councils money. Following the refurbishment, he then remortgage the property and pull every penny back out the deal. To this day Andrew still has this property which gives him a neat little cash flow of £160 per month.

Following on from this deal he got hooked on the idea of using other peoples money and remortgaging properties to allow him to purchase the next one.

Since then he has personally bought over 50 properties across the United Kingdom and South Africa. Recently he has divested from some of his properties in South Africa. Along his journey he has helped international clients do the same and has personally been involved in over 500 property transactions to date.

Andrews motto is build a solid foundation first, he compares it to climbing the corporate ladder. When you get into the corporate world you start from the bottom, Andrew says it’s the same in property, you start from the bottom, get the experience and confidence and then climb the property ladder.

He spent seven out of his eight years in the United Kingdom building his property businesses. In 2010, he cofounded two property related business with Dave Portas, which he continues to grow today, that turned over in excess of £100,000 in their first year. Investing North Ltd, an ethical investment property sourcing company, focussing on building cash flowing property portfolios for likeminded property investors and Letsand Property Management, a successful property management business, employing several staff, which is now fully systemised.

Andrew believes that everyone should have balance in their life and after have two kids, Simone and Andrew decided to move back to South African in 2013. Andrew now spends a lot of time in the United Kingdom where he continues to grow his portfolio and helping others do the same.

Andrew saw a gap in the market for running networking events for property investors in South Africa. He started his first event in November 2013 with only 10 people in the room. At this event he met his South African Business Partner, Warren Brusse, where together they have built a network of over 50 000 people in South Africa. This is by far the largest networking community in South Africa and Andrew has said he wont stop until he has atleast 500 000 investors in the network!

Andrew one passion is to help people as he gets a buzz from it, so he decided to start coaching and teaching in what he believes in – PROPERTY!

In 2016, Andrew cofounded a private equity partnership based business focused on helping people invest in high yielding residential investments within the United Kingdom.





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