Path To Passive Income

Path To Passive Income

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Having discovered that passive income is the key to wealth, and that property investment is not only the easiest way, but also the best way, to generate passive income, our P3 property investors implement a unique 3-pronged approach to creating passive income, which encompasses Preparation, Preselected Properties and Partnership

In the last article, we saw how our members prepare through learning about property investment, creating a step-by-step plan and accessing the right tools and structures. In this article, we discover how access to preselected investment opportunities streamlines and fast-tracks the path to passive income.

Preselected Properties

In one of his books, master property investor Dolf de Roos suggests that investors should look at around 100 properties to find 10 possible investments from which they should be able to identify one suitable investment property. Most people simply don’t have the time to find, inspect and conduct a due diligence on 100 properties! A much more efficient and effective way would be to tap into the time and experience of experts in this field, such as the dedicated team at P3 Investment Group, who focuses on finding deals that meet the stringent P3 criteria for a good investment opportunity, considering 10 crucial variables.

To help our members find the best investment properties, our property experts specialise in cherry picking investment properties that meet the stringent criteria of the P3 Scorecard from a range of sources. These include units in new developments at preferential prices, existing properties for sale, distressed or urgent sales and instalment sales or ALA (Alienation of Land Act) transactions. This saves our members time, reduces their risk and fast-tracks their investment success.

In addition, P3 members enjoy yet another powerful tool to ensure they can make the right choice: the P3 Property Wealth Manager, a state-of-the-art and custom-designed software programme, which allows P3 members to “look into the future”. P3 members simply input the basic variables unique to each property (the price, the monthly rental income, the management costs and the rates and taxes, or levies) into the easy-to-use programme and have instant access to four crucial indicators: the rental factor; the cash flow position at the outset; the breakeven date and total investment amount; as well as the return on investment (ROI) and internal rate of return (IIR). These indicators provide P3 members with a quick and accurate assessment of the quality of the investment opportunity.

If you would like a to see how the P3 Property Wealth Manager works, please feel free to visit for more information and to download a free demo version of the P3 Property Wealth Manager software.

Don’t miss the next articles to find out more about P3’s unique 3-pronged approach and how our Partnership offerings streamline and fast-track our property investors’ path to passive income.

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