Johannesburg’s Freedom Corridors Development

Johannesburg’s Freedom Corridors Development

Cities are a necessity but do not have to be in anarchy. The urban environment can be joyful and an inviting place to work, play and live, where residents have a say in what they want and need and mass transit eases the flow of growth instead of choking it.

It is this kind of space, with the environment at heart, that Johannesburg has in mind. And it is this kind of space that it is building, through structures like the Johannesburg Development Agency (JDA). Each project begins with identifying the area’s local competitive advantages, needs and opportunities. Its capital work projects are used to catalyse private investment, enterprise and neighbourhood development. Essential elements in any of its programmes are improving the value added by capital works interventions and boosting the longer-term sustainability of capital investment.

Economic growth is promoted through clustering industries, upgrading public spaces, developing local economic potential in marginalised areas and encouraging urban management partnerships. In tandem with this, the agency encourages sustainable energy consumption and land-use. Strategic transit nodes and corridors are central to the vision. To continue reading click here…




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