Johannesburg : Investing in Inner City Residential Property

Johannesburg : Investing in Inner City Residential Property

Opportunities for Inner City Landlords

The inner city of Johannesburg is gaining popularity among property investors and tenants alike. TUHF has been financing property entrepreneurs in inner cities since 2003 playing an integral part in Johannesburg’s urban regeneration. TUHF’s Mortgage Manager, Rose Valloo shares some insights.

Give us an overview of the Johannesburg inner city property market? Johannesburg’s inner city is home to over 92,000 households, of which almost 90% rent their accommodation, 6% are living in accommodation they own, and the balance of 4% dwell in hostels or informal circumstances.

The inner city is in the middle of a residential property growth phase fuelled by property investors both large and small refurbishing and converting existing buildings to decent and affordable accommodation. In addition, listed property funds and Real Estate Investment Trusts have also entered this market in recent times.We have also seen the start of some significant Greenfields residential developments.

What Johannesburg inner city areas have the most potential for property investors & why? To continue reading click here…




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