Negotiating the Purchase of Real Estate?

Negotiating the Purchase of Real Estate?

I’ve been involved in the acquisition of real estate since 1977 when I bought my first house.  Since that time, I’ve owned and sold thousands of houses, a couple office buildings and apartments.  The houses I’ve been involved in span over 50 cities and 12 states.

I’ve attained this level of personal and financial development due to four things:

  1. My never-quit attitude, which is encompassed by a phrase I’ve claimed as my own “Anything worth doing is worth doing to excellence.”
  2. The information and knowledge I’ve obtained through serious study and more importantly “hand on” experience.
  3. The courage of my convictions to not just take action, but take massive action.
  4. My learned ability to negotiate with homeowners.

The key to negotiation is to only negotiate with the decision maker of the property you are trying to buy.  So, the first question prior to negotiation should be: “Are you the decision maker with a follow up question of who is the owner?”  To continue reading click here… 




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