Maputo Property Explosion

Maputo Property Explosion

The explosion of luxury residential apartment and housing condominiums currently being experienced by the capital city of Maputo is an aspect that has seen many multi-national developers becoming eagerly involved in the Mozambique market. One can simply see by driving through Maputo the high level of construction activity, with crane after crane dominating the new emerging skyline, with many either nearing completion or newly completed.

The most notable change evident to the general public is one of an alarming low occupancy rate of these brand new high-rise condominiums versus a comparison to 2015. This is influenced by many factors such as supply catching up to demand, fiscal and exchange rate fluctuations, creating high entry prices into these condominiums and a wider availability of choice presented to the market than ever before.

It is to be known, and a most welcome relief to many investors and citizens of Mozambique that there has been a gradual price decrease in terms of rental pricing points with many investors not able to continue the extremely high pricing that has become a common occurrence in previous years. To continue reading click here… 




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