10 Ways to a Profitable Offshore Portfolio

10 Ways to a Profitable Offshore Portfolio

Offshore investment, for some people, may seem like a distant fancy. Most investors are concerned about investing outside of their province, never mind ‘abroad’. If you can afford to hold more than two properties in South Africa then you would probably want to be able to afford an offshore property. It is still the best way to hedge your wealth against a devaluing rand. Probably one of the most frequent questions an investor asks is where the best place to invest is, offshore.

Well, of course it really depends on numerous factors. Your reasons or objectives are key in your investment decisions; whether you are investing for emigration, retirement or pure investment. Do you want to emigrate, for example, with the intention to live there someday, or do you just want to invest, with the view of getting maximum return? Global Property Guide has listed the countries that are most popular for offshore investors. South Africans, for example, mostly invest in countries like the United Kingdom, followed by Australia, Mauritius, United States and New Zealand. Europe is also a popular destination, depending on the motivation.

Property investor criteria on the one hand, investors need to look at markets where maximum yields can be achieved, but also at international markets where ease of business and registering property is done in the most effective way. Global Property Guide has also listed the countries where ease of business is taking place. To continue reading click here…




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