Tips For London Buy-to-Let

Tips For London Buy-to-Let

If you are considering investing in London buy-to-let it is vital to do things right from the start. Investing in a London buy-to-let one-bed apartment typically involves committing at least one hundred and fifty thousand pounds of your own money and taking out a 50% mortgage loan from the same amount.

London property investing has paid off handsomely for many people, both in terms of income, capital gains and as a ZAR hedge but it is essential that you go into it well informed. Here are my top tips:

Research the London Market

Choose a promising area in London- this does not mean the most expensive or cheapest. Promising means a place where there is a high rent demand and this can be for a variety of reason. Promising may also mean an area that is going through significant regeneration.

If you know someone who has invested in buy-to-let London property before, ask them about their experiences- good or bad. You may want to talk to experts that specialise in sourcing good quality buy-to-let stock and who facilitate the purchase, financing and management thereof for their clients. To continue reading click here… 




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