Buying Your First Investment Property

Buying Your First Investment Property

Find yourself a mentor. This is invaluable. it will save you many years towards reaching your goal or acquiring financial freedom. It could also save you substantial expenses and unnecessary “school  fees”, as well as the frustration of wrong decision making.

Although bargains can be found during any stage of the property market, there is considerable value in understanding property cycles and the specifics of a buyer’s and a seller’s market.

A smart strategy for a beginner investor is to rather buy one or more investment properties before buying a home for himself. I am a firm believer that the house bought to live in is much more of a liability than an asset. Many people spend huge amounts or borrow lots of money to buy a home, limiting themselves to the possibility of further investment. Available funds should be used to acquire income generating assets (rental properties) rather than to succumb to the temptation of upgrading your home or over-capitalising. To continue reading click here…




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