The Property Coach – Real Estate Investor Magazine coaches the Sharks Rugby Team to invest in real estate!

The Property Coach – Real Estate Investor Magazine coaches the Sharks Rugby Team to invest in real estate!

Real Estate Investor Magazine (REIM) is South Africa’s premier real estate information source, experts and educators of how to invest into passive income generating residential, commercial and offshore investment properties. REIM partnered with The Sharks rugby management to educate and coach the senior and junior Sharks rugby players on financial fitness and property education class called ‘The Sharks Impact Programme.’
The goal of the programme is to teach players how to manage their personal finances wisely, build their income, source credit, protect their assets and invest for their future now so that when their rugby careers end they are set up with a new source of direct passive income mainly from property investment. Player and manager Jacques Botes and biokineticist Jimmy Wright led The Sharks financial training initiative with REIM founder and property coach Neale Petersen.
‘Rugby players have busy careers and many don’t have time to educate themselves on how to invest the fruits of their highly paid careers’ says Wright. Most top rugby professionals are highly successful in their careers and are well paid sportsman but tend to lose their wealth due to following bad advice on get rich schemes, developing bad financial habits, submitting to financial predators and general poor choices. Rugby is similar to a high paid job, which does not always translate into long-term wealth. Botes says, ‘Players have around an 8 to 12 year window to earn big but not all are taught how to hold onto their wealth after their careers come to an end when they face the real world.’
The players learnt new ideas on both successful investment principles plus were exposed to some of the investment failures. Some of the principles include how to invest wisely, set financial goals, use your psychology when investing, analyse a property both physically and numerically, find an investment property as well as step-by-step guides on investing and managing your investments.
The players were also taught the fundamentals of seeking proper asset allocation, getting smart financing, using leverage, asset protection and smart asset management. Many of the established senior players said they were excited by the prospects of building their wealth in real estate while some of the longer serving players have already become successful investors in their own right through acting on their strategies. Click on the link to see some of the video highlights of the training.




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