Latest Property Broker Survey by Sector Strategist at FNB Commercial Property Finance

3rd Quarter 2021 FNB Property Broker Survey of Rental Market Conditions – Brokers perceive higher activity in all 3 rental markets, but recovery momentum may be slowing. In this report, we discuss the 3rd Quarter 2021 results of the rental market component of our FNB Commercial Property Broker Survey, which surveys a sample of commercial […]

Cape Town Central City Economy Holds Its Own During Covid Year

The economy of the Cape Town CBD remained stable in 2020 despite Covid-19, with the official nominal value of all property set at R43.8 billion by the City of Cape Town – and at least 31 new developments worth more than R6.9 billion in the pipeline. This is the key finding of the special Covid […]

rental market in 2020

Rental Market in 2020 | PayProp Rental Index Report

This PayProp report focuses on the effects of lockdown on the rental market during 2020. Like many other industries, residential rentals were negatively affected by the economic consequences of lockdown.

nearly 50% of estate agents fell short in 2020

Nearly 50% of Estate Agents Fell Short in 2020 as COVID-19 Took its Toll

49% of estate agents fell short in 2020, with only 51% meeting their sales targets in 2020, down from 69% in 2019.  But 500 estate agents told Lightstone Property, the trusted provider of accurate data and analysis, that they expected 2021 to be significantly better, with 81% believing they would meet their sales targets this […]

housing market resilience & what we can expect in 2021

Why the Housing Market Proved to be Resilient During a Pandemic & What we can Expect in 2021

Lightstone, along with other economic commentators, did not anticipate the resilience of the house price market with even the most optimistic scenarios forecasting negative house price growth.

FNB Commercial Property Broker Survey

FNB | 4th Quarter 2020 – Property Broker Survey Part 2

4th Quarter 2020 FNB Property Broker Survey – Commercial Property Broker Survey Respondents continue to perceive “high and rising” levels of financial pressure-related selling in the Owner-Serviced Commercial Property Sector. 

4th quarter of 2020 FNB commercial property insights report

FNB | Property Broker Survey – 4th Quarter of 2020 Part 1

The 4th Quarter of 2020 FNB Commercial Property Broker Survey saw all 3 major commercial property sectors, i.e. Industrial and Retail, showing slight increases in perceived market activity levels.

First-Time Homebuyers Continue to Dominate the Residential Property Market

After almost a year of the pandemic, ooba has observed changes in both consumer behaviour and lending trends, resulting in a surprising boom in the local residential property market.

Property Market Recovers to Pre-lockdown Levels of Activity

The South African real estate market has shown a remarkable recovery following the Deeds Office closure that occurred in the second quarter of 2020 and reflects nearly the same levels of activity as it had pre-pandemic.

FNB | Week Ahead & Economics Weekly

Locally, the following stocks are scheduled to release results next week: PPC (Interim results): Management guided for headline earnings per share (HEPS) to be between 35% and 45% lower y/y (Bloomberg FY21: -26%). The decline is primarily due to non-cash related items. Revenue is expected to be 1% to 5% higher (Bloomberg FY21: +2%), while […]

PayProp | Rental Index Q3 2020

It is not at all surprising to see low rental growth continuing and high levels of arrears (both tenants in arrears and quantum of arrears) due to the impact of national restrictions on tenants’ pockets. If we consider rental price growth and tenant arrears together, it’s clear that while the worst might be over, it […]

FNB Commercial Property Finance | Property Insights

Since early-2014, the more commercial property-driven Corporate Mortgage Advances growth rate has significantly outpaced the strongly residential-driven Household Mortgage Advances category for most of the time. However, the strong recent divergence in strength between the now relatively strong Residential Property Market and the weaker Commercial Property market may see Household Mortgage Advances become the relative […]

Property: Invest, Buy, Sell

Research is the key to making the right decisions in the property market – ripe with purchasing opportunities Property remains a sound investment despite the impact of Covid-19 and the tightening of economic activity – and greater activity in certain coastal locations is creating new opportunities to buy up or enter the market in Gauteng […]

State of Cape Town Central City Report 2019 – A Year in Review

For many, Cape Town is a dream holiday destination that is on the bucket list of thousands of travellers and constantly garners awards. But beyond its iconic attractions, such as Table Mountain and picturesque blue-flag beaches, it is also an excellent investment destination. – Alan Winde, Premier of The Western Cape


Sentiment in the civil construction sector, as measured by the FNB/BER Civil Confidence Index, increased to a still low level of 11 in 3Q2020, from 5 in 2Q2020.

Residential Rental Report

Financial pressure caused by the Covid-19 lockdown continues to impact the South African rental market, as the slow deterioration of tenants able to pay their rent on time hits a deep dive. The steady deterioration of 5.43% over the last 6 years is hardly noticeable in comparison to the overnight drop to 50% in good standing in […]

Section 12J Association Inaugural Report

The Section 12J Association of South Africa has released a report to Parliament & National Treasury, outlining the results of the inaugural survey of its members which details the impact which the Section 12J incentive has had on the SA economy.

Covid-19 – Assessing Impact Of SA Real Estate

Whilst much of the focus is on more established markets, the emerging markets in sub-Saharan Africa have greater underlying vulnerability and present both magnified and different challenges, with potentially deeper and more longer-term impacts.

Commercial Legal Solution

SAPOA hosted two webinars recently on the General Principles of Lease Agreements. Herewith, please find enclosed the combined Q&A raised in these webinar sessions, providing clarity on some of the issues raised by member.  

Housing Price Index May 2020

A slowing capital growth trend, into negative territory by 2019, has been in play in recent years. The Corona Crisis is likely to add momentum to this correcting trend in 2020. Economy expected to contract sharply by-4.5%, on the back of domestic shut downs and severe global recession. Average vacancy rate expected to rise more […]

Housing Price Index March 2020

The FNB House Price Index (HPI) showed that house price appreciation slowed to 2.8% y/y in March, the lowest print since May 2011 (i.e. in close to 9 years).