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‘Technoking’ of Tesla | Elon Musk

In addition to the billions that he has made in the tech industry, creating space cars and diversifying the world through Artificial Intelligence, Musk is constantly improving his real estate investment portfolio too. 


IWG explores the aspects of franchising that makes it a popular choice amongst African Investors in times of uncertainty. 

Crossways Farm Village | Dr Chris Mulder

“It all boils down to how society can meet basic human needs and nurture economic growth without undermining the natural resource base and the environmental integrity” – Dr Chris Mulder

Evergreen Lifestyle | Cobus Bedeker

Established in 2008, Evergreen Lifestyle is South Africa’s premium retirement brand.

WeconnectU | Danie & Johann van der Merwe

Danie and Johann van der Merwe are the visionaries behind WeconnectU, a rapidly growing property management software solutions company in South Africa.

Kim Faclier | Challenging The Status Quo

Kim has an unquenchable thirst for expansive networking across a global landscape, vigorously interacting with a diverse range of people and leaning into her exceptional role models.

SA’s Development Maestro Steps onto the Global Stage

Rabie Property Group, now indisputably one of South Africa’s most successful independent property development companies.

Wayne Van der Vent & Karen Miller

This month’s Master Investors, Karen Miller & Wayne van der Vent from Quoin Online, discuss virtual property transactions & offer innovative solutions for commercial investors with their accessible property portal.