investing in flexible workspace

Why Investing in Flexible Working is Essential for Modern Success

Investing in a flexible working franchise is a great way to start your very own business in a booming industry that offers tremendous potential.

working from home and the future of the office

A Year Later: Why Working From Home is Not The Solution

It wasn’t long before reality set in, and “living at work” became a far better description than “working from home”. Turns out, it was the flexibility that remote work allows for that we were after, rather than working from home per se.

franchising is a popular choice amongst African investors

Franchising takes off in Africa Despite the Age of Uncertainty

The number of investors opening franchised establishments has continued to soar irrespective of the global shaky eco-political environment. 

sub-leases for office property

What Landlords Should Know About Sub-leases in the Office Property Market

The office property market has been constrained, leading to landlords having to consider alternative leasing models. This has been the case, even before the COVID-19 pandemic and the green initiative to work from home.

Virtual Offices – The Future of Flexible Working

Bill Wagner, of Financial Express says: “COVID-19 did not create the need for a shift to remote work, it accelerated a trend that has been building for some time and highlighted for business leaders the path to the so-called Future of Work.”

Commercial Real Estate & the Endless Quest for Yield

Returns (or yields) determine the value of a commercial property, with the general rule of thumb being the lower the price of purchase in relation to the rental, the higher the yield. 

Entrepreneurs Crucial in SA’s Recovery

According to Bonga Xulu, Johannesburg Regional Portfolio Manager at TUHF, SMMEs have a crucial role to play in South Africa’s economic recovery as the COVID-19 pandemic remains an ongoing concern.

The Transformation of Derelict Office Blocks

A derelict office block in a predominantly industrial part of Wetton, in Cape Town’s Southern Suburbs, has been given a new lease on life and converted into a multi-tenant industrial park.

Remote Working is not the Death of The Office

The pandemic has changed the way that we work and its set to continue. While the office is here to stay, its form and function will need to evolve.

Reward Strategies To Beat Remote Working Obstacles

With the sudden emergence of COVID-19, companies once hesitant to embrace remote working arrangements have been forced to allow employees to operate from home. “The results have been surprisingly positive, leaving some organisations to wonder why they didn’t do it sooner,” says Deon Smit, Chartered Reward Specialist and Committee Member at the South African Reward […]

An Emerging Trend: Office Subletting

“Offices are currently sitting at around 50% capacity with many working from home; this is set to continue for the foreseeable future as we continue to practice social distancing. Furthermore, many companies have had to downsize”.  

Landlords & Tenants Must Work Together To Survive Covid

“We need to work together to find impactful ways to support one another as we can expect another three to five  years of tough times ahead.”

Shared Workspaces – Solution To Downsizing?

The challenging COVID-19 situation has forced countless corporate entities across the planet to reassess their workspaces, with many indicating a desire to downsize operations as an effort to cut expenditure in the short term. Considering the inclusion of shared space offerings, as part of the overall solution, may provide corporate clients with just the right […]

Dear Office: Can I Please Come Back Now?

Over two months since many of us last stepped into the office. While we were all excited about working from home, minus traffic jams & worrying about getting all dressed up for the day, it’s beginning to wear thin for a lot of us.

Good News For Tenants Looking For Flexible Space

The market is changing rapidly and will most likely never be the same for both tenants and landlords. It is imperative that landlords adapt to these market conditions if they want to continue operating. “We are working with our tenants by ensuring their businesses are sustainable in the long run” says Jethro Braun, Commercial Manager […]

Attractive Yields but Headwinds Remain

By Simbarashe Mangwiro Associate Investment Analyst The South African Listed Property market’s success and troubles are well documented, with the asset class going from being the darling of the market to being completely unloved. At Morningstar, we follow a valuation-driven investment approach and therefore believe it’s extremely important to look beyond the noise and objectively […]

How Covid-19 Will Affect the Industrial Property Market

The COVID-19 hurricane has engulfed the world and all businesses are entwined in a whirlwind of uncertainty.

Crop Insurance a must for farmers

A vital tool minimising risk The attitude of South African farmers towards crop insurance is changing as they realise that purchasing insurance is one of the most accessible ways in which they can manage risk in an occupation that is fraught with challenges and obstacles, says Old Mutual Insure. With limited areas of arable land […]

Why corporate companies are moving into….

As the global property sector is evolving, so is the world of office premises. More and more companies, small….

How Property Brokers performed in 2019

Respondents perceive financial pressure to be the strongest driver of owner-serviced commercial….