go digital or die

Digital or Die

Growth of online shopping & entertainment in SA is a sign that people trust the online environment and make important decisions & purchases online.

real estate phishing scams

Real Estate Phishing Scams are on the Rise: Here’s What You Need to Know

Real estate transactions are at high risk of cybercrimes, particularly phishing scams, a trend that is spiking due to an increase in online communications, work from home policies, and weak software security systems.

10 Must-Know Trends for Property Managers in 2021

By Tobie van der Merwe, Business Development Manager, WeconnectU A complex chain of events over the past 12 months has been driving new trends in the Property Management Industry. 2020 has certainly brought about its fair share of problems and challenges and 2021 will require us to raise the bar even higher. In reality, the […]

4 Tips to Protect your Business Online

How to ensure your business software provider is doing all it can to protect your data In the past few years, privacy breaches around the world have made technology users conscious about the way their data is being used. You only need to look at the growth of privacy-centric products like search engine DuckDuckGo to […]

Digitisation Will Make or Break Bond Originators

Bond origination companies not already forging a digitisation path in the present decade risk becoming obsolete, this is according to Andrea Tucker, Director, MortgageMe.

Onsite & Remote – Taking the best of both worlds approach to your business

Most offices have been heading towards a hybrid model where some employees are remote and others work on-site. But this needn’t be problematic.

Auctions Without Digital Components -Thing Of The Past

Covid-19 has forever changed the traditional live auction model, forcing a “new normal” digital standard on the industry if it wants to remain profitable and relevant. There will always be a place for live auctions, but every auction company must have secure, industry-tailored digital platforms that reach larger audiences and they must invest in the […]

Cover-19 Lockdown: Innovative Use of Finch Apps

Coronavirus-triggered social distancing, isolation and lockdowns have driven-up the use of financial apps in Europe by 72 per cent in a week, reveals deVere Group, one of the world’s largest independent financial advisory organisations. The sharp increase in the use of financial technology comes as the world readjusts to life fighting against the global health […]

Top Jobs For The Youth In Property

By Shaun Rademeyer  South Africa is facing a crisis of high and rising youth unemployment. Only 1 in 3 young people of working age are employed. Overcoming youth unemployment in South Africa requires looking at a wider range of job opportunities, specifically in the property sector. While being a residential real estate agent is one […]

Pioneering Proptech Company Secures Round of Funding

HouseME’s market size now valued at over R120 billion Pioneering proptech company, HouseME, has successfully closed another round of multimillion-rand funding, elevating it to a status enjoyed by very few in the tech industry: alive and thriving after three years of fundraising and product building. HouseME is a digital long-term letting platform that makes renting […]

Tech Insurance & Working Remotely

The importance of protecting your tech gifts  Tech devices have become some of the most popular items to purchase as many companies now prepare to work remotely. However, these products are often bought without giving insurance a thought. But what if your tech device is stolen while working from home? According to the Governance, Public […]

Create Real Estate Experience with Creative thinking

How Design Thinking Will Create Real Estate Experience