Why Covid-19 isn’t at the Core of SA’s Economic Crisis

We were in a technical recession before the lockdown and SOE’s have been mismanaged (which affect the growth of our revenue as a county). The virus is not to blame.

SA Property Market Crucial to Economic Recovery

Property is regularly acknowledged as an important part of the economy, but few realise the extent to which real estate activity contributes to the South African GDP.

Why 2020 Does Not Compare to the 2008 Housing Market Crash

Unprecedently, the market has bounced back and has shown very few similarities to that of the crash twelve years ago.

Expert Tips to Get Your Rental Deposit Back

Many tenants are unaware that interest on their security deposit is due to them, and that the landlord or agent is obliged by law to hold their deposit in a separate interest-bearing trust account.


93% of economists say SARB will hold the repo rate

The SARB Monetary Policy Committee is set to hold the repo rate at the 19-21 January meeting, according to 93% of economists.

Rand Suffers as Lockdown Fears Drive Sell-Off

The local unit weakened by 1.5% to reach levels last seen in early November (15.64/USD), before recovering slightly.

Unemployment Worries Will Keep the Lid on Home Prices This Year

The residential property market is expected to start losing some of its 2020 momentum soon, even though inflation is likely to remain depressed by a number of factors and the Reserve Bank is likely to keep interest rates low until at least 2022.

Reserve Fund Compliance Now Urgent for ST Schemes

Sectional Title schemes that are not yet compliant with the reserve fund provisions of the Community Schemes Ombud Services (CSOS) Act should rectify that position as soon as possible.


DJ Euphonik

Themba Nkosi, popularly known as DJ Euphonik, started small in the property industry, but now his investments are doing the work for him.

Crossways Farm Village | Dr Chris Mulder

“It all boils down to how society can meet basic human needs and nurture economic growth without undermining the natural resource base and the environmental integrity” – Dr Chris Mulder

Evergreen Lifestyle | Cobus Bedeker

Established in 2008, Evergreen Lifestyle is South Africa’s premium retirement brand.

WeconnectU | Danie & Johann van der Merwe

Danie and Johann van der Merwe are the visionaries behind WeconnectU, a rapidly growing property management software solutions company in South Africa.