property stokvels

Pros and Cons of Property Stokvels

Stokvels in South Africa is big business and becoming bigger. Property stokvels are fast becoming a way for the new generation to build wealth and invest in property.

Without a Will

Without a Will: What Happens to Your Home When you Die?

Too many South Africans have not drafted formal & legal wills leaving their families in dire straits.

Interest in Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)

Interest in Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) Rockets by 426% in a Month

Interest in non-fungible tokens (NFTs) continues to soar in popularity. Prior to 2021, only a small group of investors saw the potential for significant earnings in NFTs.

economic relief for property owners

Property Owners Affected by the July 2021 Unrest May be Eligible for Legislated Economic Relief

The South African Institute of Valuers (SAIV) has informed the public that there may be economic relief for property owners.


City of Cape Town

City of Cape Town is the First Municipality to Receive Certificates for Energy Smart Buildings

The City of Cape Town has received Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) for three of its municipal buildings.

Electricity Generation Act

Electricity Generation Act Changed | Community Housing Schemes Can Now Generate Their Own Electricity

Property owners in community housing schemes such as Sectional Title complexes should be celebrating the newly-gazetted change to the Electricity Generation Act regulations.

inflection point

South Africa Reaches Inflection Point as Unrest Continues

While South Africa navigates its way out of the pandemic coronavirus, fighting the more than 15 000 daily infections recorded in a day, it finds itself in what John Loos refers to as an inflection point where grumpy citizens out of hunger and minimal to no employment opportunities vent their frustrations about governance in the country.

hybrid work

IWG Plc. Accelerates Global Franchise Rollout as Demand for Hybrid Work Increases

IWG Plc. has more than tripled the number of new franchised centres around the world as demand for hybrid work increases.


Why Bellville | Warren Hewitt, The Greater Tygerberg Partnership

“Bellville is a mature, easily accessible and affordable urban centre. It’s a place of potential, a place of opportunity. And it’s ripe for development.” –  Warren Hewitt, CEO of Greater Tygerberg Partnership (GTP). 

TUHF’s Leading Lady | Velda Derrocks

Velda Derrocks , Regional Manager- Cape Region for TUHF, shares her journey as an ambitious woman in a traditionally male-dominated sector.

property investment just right

Find the Property Investment Just Right for You | Paul Stevens, CEO at Just Property

Read about Just Property CEO, Paul Stevens, market predictions and advice on where to look for the investment property #JustRight for you. 

From Everyday Employees to Property Moguls | M5 Property Addicts

Taurai Jack and Retha van Rooyen were two worlds apart with a vast difference in background and upbringing, but their paths led them to the same middle-class trap and has now put them on the same journey into the future.