tenant risk

5 Metrics to Consider When Assessing Tenant Risk

“In the coming months, it will be even more important for rental agents to be able to distinguish a low-risk tenant from a high-risk one, thereby better serving the needs of their customers,” says PayProp head of data analytics, Johette Smuts.

SARS tax

In Bed with SARS, it’s Complicated, but Mind-Blowing

If you’re ever feeling a little hard-done-by thanks to SARS, know this: Government has done an outstanding job of encouraging investment by introducing some really forward-thinking tax incentives.

investment products

79 % of Women Unsure about Investment Products

Just 21% of women state that they have high levels of confidence when it comes to investment products.  The share is also only 27% when it comes to retirement planning.

Section 12J

SARS’ Section 12J Tax Incentive Gives Property Sector a Boost

Property sales in the first quarter of 2021 enjoyed a significant boost thanks to SARS’ Section 12J tax incentive.



Nedbank Portfolio Disposal – Properties for Sale

Nedbank Corporate Real Estate has announced a strategic decision to dispose of a top-rated portfolio, creating a rare opportunity for investors to purchase properties in desirable areas with strong lease covenants by a blue-chip tenant. 

low interest rate

Property Trends to Watch as Low Interest Rates Remain

“It would make sense to keep the repo steady at or below 4% for as long as possible, for the effects of the lower lending rate to have the desired impact,” says Carl Coetzee, CEO of BetterBond

power outages

Power Outages are Back, But They Don’t Have to Stay

Winter is usually synonymous with rainy days, colder weather, and if you’re in South Africa,  power outages.

EKURHULENI property valuation

Objection Deadline for City of Ekurhuleni Property Valuation Looms

Property owners in the City of Ekurhuleni municipality have until 18 June 2021 to object to the current valuation prescribed by the municipality. Owners are urged to ensure the valuations are correct.


Section 12J Specialists | Flyt Property Investment

SARS is giving investors a window of opportunity until 30 June 2021 to write off R2,5 million in taxable income (or R5 million in taxable income if you are a company) in the 2022 tax year on Flyt’s 12J partnership fund.

SA’s Biggest Provider of Real Estate Management Solutions | MRI Software

From a small local software company to SA’s biggest provider of real estate management solutions, MRI’s global reach and innovative approach is supporting the region’s property management and real estate businesses to evolve and embrace digital technologies.        

starting a business

‘Technoking’ of Tesla | Elon Musk

In addition to the billions that he has made in the tech industry, creating space cars and diversifying the world through Artificial Intelligence, Musk is constantly improving his real estate investment portfolio too. 


IWG explores the aspects of franchising that makes it a popular choice amongst African Investors in times of uncertainty.