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Abandon Traditional Thinking and Grow Your Knowledge


Much like economies, investors tend to go through cycles of good times and bad. Sometimes they get stuck and end up doing nothing at all. The reality is that not all properties are a good investment and not all investments suit every investor. Many investors get the wrong investments because they aren’t equipped with the right knowledge or they live in fear. This is why, at REIM, we constantly strive to source the right information to include between the pages of each edition so our readers can learn and grow.

One guy who has built up a highly successful portfolio over the years is property entrepreneur Pieter Feenstra. He has a grip on the market and is innovating in the student space. We interviewed him for our Master Investor profile piece and think you will have a lot to learn from him.

To improve your financial education and invest counter-cyclically compared to the masses, it’s probably a good idea to pay attention to what is going on in the world economy. Is the stock market growing, are real estate prices or interest rates going up or down, and what are the new economic policies being implemented? Governments are getting themselves into more and more debt: what impact does this have on your investments? More importantly what are the opportunities created from these decisions. Many investors have been investing offshore to circumvent new and pending legislation very successfully, as well as investing when the rand is low. Find out inside about the many successful opportunities in offshore cash flow properties, such as in the cash flowing HMOs.

Keeping track of topline news, rather than heavily taking in and consuming daily news (which is not that great right now), while monitoring property trends can help you improve your decision-making. South Africa has massive shifts in growth and declines and it is important to decide when to act or not. We think you should be earning passively but actively managing your activities and your strategies all the time ‒ to align them with the markets and make them shock proof to recessions and downturns in the market. This is what the savvy investor prepares for and why control of mindset and staying positive is critical to the successful investor’s armoury. Just ask Dr. Christo Wiese, who lost $459 million overnight when he invested into the United Kingdom just before the Brexit vote.

You also need to seek out and pay attention to what smart investors are saying and doing. Stop looking for easy, get-rich-quick property flips and instead, learn from people who are investing with a long-term cash flow returns with automatic capital growth built in. Network and work with those who are willing to put in the time and effort to contribute to your growth. The SA Property Network (SAPIN) is an awesome place to grow your knowledge, network, net worth and business. Make sure you become part of the Real Estate Investor property family today. Simply visit , click on our Events Page and sign up for our next SAPIN event.
Successful investing

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“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”  – ALBERT EINSTEIN


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