South Africa’s First and Most Reliable Online Affordability Analysis.

The process of applying for a home loan is one most of us wish we could avoid. Given our tumultuous economical climate, however, it is one faced by the majority of South Africans. At My Bond Fitness, we aim to relieve some of this stress by providing our customers with accurate and instant information regarding their financial wealth.

Before you can apply for a home loan, you’ll need to obtain your affordability check. In order to protect consumers, credit providers are required to do affordability checks in order to see how much each person is able to borrow. Although this is good news in the long run, it can be incredibly stressful not knowing what your potential loan will be. We don’t like surprises, which is why we’ve made it as easy as possible for you to obtain this check.

We make use of a streamlined process, one which only requires five steps by the user. By making use of your personal credit status, rather than depending on your own input of income and expenses, we assure total accuracy – while saving you time. Loading the necessary documents onto our system is also fast and pain-free. Once you’ve received all the relevant information regarding your affordability check, we make things even easier by showing you potential properties you can actually buy.

At My Bond Fitness, we work hard to make your real estate experience easier. For more updates on our services, be sure to enter your details below.

“This solution lies in breaking down the barriers that stop people from entering the property market. Education, legal assistance and mentoring provide the key to it all.” – Meyer De Waal, Founder, My Bond Fitness
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